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Party Supplier: Party Hosting by Mark and Harrell

Hosts were the last suppliers we booked (read: 1 week before the event). I was hoping one of my friends would be able to do it unfortunately none was available.My initial choice was Jiggles that I read from another mommy blog because I saw that her balloon designs were unique. I was hoping she could do a Cat In the Hat balloon standee. But when I get to talk to her, she sounded uninterested and unaccommodating. I mentioned in my post, that I take into consideration how the suppliers accommodate me and my inquiries. I was turned off by our conversation so I scratched her from my list.

Mark and Harrell were introduced by my cake supplier, Cha. I met Harrell 10 days (i think) before the party. He was in business clothes and I honestly could not imagine him hosting kiddie parties. He was super nice, though. I told him I don’t want over-the-top hosting and I wanted unique and fun activities. I did not want magic shows or clowns (clowns scare me). Harrell was honest enough to tell me that they were just starting but when he said the other host, Mark could do cool mad science experiments, I’m sold. I took a chance on them. I am so glad I did.

They were a fun pair (wait that did not sound right). They were fun and cool hosts.  They weren’t doing over-the-top antics or poor Jim Carrey imitation. They were just a pair of funny guys in silly clothes. They did my requests for games and their own games. The highlight is the mad science experiments with dry ice that both the kids and the adults liked. I got a lot of after-party feedback that they enjoyed the activity. Mark new what he was saying and he was a very convincing silly scientist. Perfect for the silly Dr. Seuss theme. They hosted for a complete 4 hours and with VERY reasonable rates! I just love them!

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My only regret is we wasn’t able to have a picture taken with them…with any supplier for that matter! Oh well, there will be other parties for Lucas. I’ll be sure to get them again. If Lucas still likes Special Agent Oso on his third birthday, we can have a spy themed party and more mad science activities would be perfect!

Here’s Harrell’s number for hosting inquiries: 09199100413


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