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Party Supplier: Photo and Video by 81 Events

Mike has always been obsessed with creative and HD videos. So he volunteered to get our photo-video supplier for Lucas’ party. He knows what or who  is good and my only requirement is that, whoever they will be, they should be within our budget.

Just like finding a good cake supplier, finding an impressive photo-video supplier, that is within the budget, is really difficult. Most photo and video suppliers would charge around 15,000 pesosesoses or more. I don’t know how Mike found Guise Natividad of 81 Events, but I am sure glad that he did.

Guise shoots the video while another takes the photos. I wasn’t able to talk to Guise because Mike was the only one coordinating with him. But I have to say, when I saw the videos and the photos, I’m impressed.

You can watch Lucas’ teaser video here.

You can check the photos in my previous posts. Here are more pics from 81 Events.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

81 Events contact numbers:

0905 4204202, 0915 9339004



2 thoughts on “Party Supplier: Photo and Video by 81 Events

  1. Hi. I read your blog about mark and harrell. Im also preparing for my son’s birthday. I tried to contact them through the cp number you posted but its not working. Do you have another contact number or any other way to reach them? Thanks

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