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The Little Jedi’s First Tahoooooo

Growing up in Sampaloc as a kid, I was at the zenith of street food extravaganza. My daily breakfast would be a tall order of taho. For snack, I would have a bowlful of fishballs, or binatog, or lumpia (spring rolls), or pancit (rice noodles) from our neighbor’s store or Filipino barbecue (kebabs). Ahh, memories. I was a happy kid.

Now that I have a kid of my own, I want to introduce him to the delectable world of pinoy street food. Of course, each kind is only recommended at a certain age as approved by his Mommy. Right now, what I want the Little Jedi to taste is taho.

I have been hunting for a taho vendor that I used to see within the church grounds every Sunday before. But for the longest time, I couldn’t find him. I have been wishing also that they would let an “accredited”taho vendor sell in our condominium every Sunday. Unfortunately they don’t let any vendors in. My fingers are crossed hoping an administrator would read this post.

Two Sundays ago, I went to the multi-purpose hall in the church grounds. Every Sunday, you can find various food vendors there. One of these days, I’ll take a picture of that wonderful food bazaar. I was buying our weekly street food breakfast when I saw him, his silver tin container shining as the sun hits its warm, smooth surface. The magtataho (taho vendor) was there! I almost felt tears welling up in my eyes when I saw him. Ok, maybe the tears were caused by the smoke from the barbecue vendor right beside me. I grabbed my food purchases and when to the magtataho and bought Lucas his first small glass of taho. It was a special order: taho with very little syrup and no sago (tapioca pearls). Manong disappointed me by still mixing sago in it. I was too elated to complain.

I wasn’t that elated anymore when Yaya Weng and I had to fish out the sago from the taho when I got home. My boy was already hungry, and this excited-turning-frustrated Mommy is still taking out sago from the bowl.Eventually, we were able to remove all pearls and the eager little boy was waiting for his first taste of mommy’s favorite street food.


Sago-less taho
The first taste of taho
this is how he looks like every time he tastes something new
this is how he looked like after the second spoonful.yum!

Congratulations! You have just had your first taste of Pinoy street food.

Here’s our street food breakfast 🙂 This has been our weekly Sunday breakfast for the past three years. Sometimes a plate of pancit palabok joins the gang.

tukneneng (eggs), fishballs, lumpiang gulay (fried vegetable springrolls)

I just hope next Sunday, Manong Magtataho will still be there. This time, I’m bringing my big tumbler!


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