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The Little Jedi Goes to The Dentist

For the past two Saturdays we’ve been bringing Lucas to my friend, Dr. Pam Abesamis-Villanueva’s dental clinic in Festival Mall. I’ve mentioned before that she is a pediatric dentist and a close friend so I am very comfortable bringing Lucas to her. We’ve been visiting her so Lucas will be familiar with the clinic and with her before he gets his first dental treatment. Lucas still gets scared when he doesn’t know the adults who approach him. But lately, I observed he’s more comfortable with people. Maybe because we’ve been bringing him to different places more often.

Back to my dentist tale. Last Saturday, we went back to Abesamis Dental Clinic for Lucas’ first Fluoride treatment. While waiting for Pam, Lucas went on ahead to play with his favorite toys from the play area. He loves being there. He enjoys the slide and the toy cars. Plus, it’s roomy. He has so much space to crawl around. I, on the other hand, adore the painted designs on the walls.

spot the baby
Enjoying the slide before the treatment

When Pam and her eldest son arrived at the clinic, we spent a few more play minutes while she prepared for the treatment. She called us to her Mickey Mouse-inspired dental room. Apart from the other dental services, the clinic specializes on pediatric and children’s dentistry. But I guess, even without saying, you would be able to tell from the interior decorations that it is one.

Lucas had been inside the dental room before and, well, with all the Mickey Mouse images he can see there, I’m guessing he finds the room interesting. I’ve heard of horror stories about kids being strapped on the dental chair during any procedure. I am confident Pam would not do that. I was even pleasantly surprised when she asked me to lie down on the chair with Lucas lying on me. I like that it was a parent-child experience. Of course Mike was there to take pictures and Pam even showed him where the best picture taking spot is. That is where other parents get to take pictures or videos of their kids’ treatment.

Mickey Mouse-theme room. Mickeys everywhere!

While my stunned baby was, yet again. hypnotized by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing on the monitor, Pam was able to check Lucas’ teeth.

Mommy and Lucas tandem ready for the treatment
Not minding all the ruckus going on as long as can see The Mouse

Unfortunately, Lucas finally realized what was going on and started to cry so we had to change positions. Pam and I seated knee on knee and we laid Lucas on our laps, facing me. I entertained him while Pam put Fluoride on his eight teeth. There were still some tears shed but after the treatment I let him play again. A couple of minutes later, he’s perfectly fine. 🙂 Oh and he got a treat from Pam too: a Mickey Mouse sticker!

We even managed to have pictures taken with Pam afterwards. She said Lucas was actually easy to manage because she handled far more difficult, struggling kids before.

Nothing but smiles with Tita Pam and Kuya Ethan

Thank you Tita Doc Pam!

Before leaving, Pam advised me to continue brushing Lucas’ teeth and still clean his mouth with gauze. Silicon brushes don’t really clean the teeth but she said they are designed to massage gums. She also said to make sure Lucas drinks lots of water after eating to wash off any food left in his mouth that could cause his teeth to have cavities. His next treatment is after six months.

I am so lucky I have a friend who is a pediatric dentist. I am pretty sure she will be able to take care of Lucas’ chompers as he grows. And a big congratulations to my Little Jedi!  Mommy is so proud of you she got you a prize after the treatment. Sigh. This is another sign that you are all grown up from the infant that you used to be. Sob. Tears of a proud Mum.

Here are the contact details of Abesamis Dental Clinic in Festival Mall:

Festival Mall

4th Level, Festival Supermall
Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Philippines

Tel. (632) 771-2001

Mobile:  0920-9197468

Clinic Hours: Mon – Sun : 10am – 7pm

They also have clinics in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and Sucat, Parañaque

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Unit 5 804 Sta. Rosa Comm’l Complex,
Balibago, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines

Tel. (049) 838-0384

Mobile:  0920-9517486 

Clinic Hours: Mon – Sat : 8am-5:30pm
Sun : 9am – 5pm

Unit 4-C 4/F BPI Bank Bldg.,
Dr. A. Santos Avenue,

Parañaque City, Philippines

Tel. (632) 829-1366, (632) 820-4795

Clinic Hours: Mon – Sat : 8am – 5:30pm

You can also visit their facebook page here.


12 thoughts on “The Little Jedi Goes to The Dentist

  1. Ooooh, thank you for reminding me to send Raviv to the dentist! Do you brush Lucas’s teeth already? We’ve been brushing Raviv’s since he was 6 months old, I don’t think we do it properly.

    1. Hi Dew! Yup we brush his teeth already. Actually what Doc Pam told us is to use just a gauze, Wrap it on my finger and wipe his teeth, tongue and cheeks. Now, I just let him bite on his tooth brush so he’d get use to it but still finish off with the gauze or lampin. I’ll also blog about this next. hehe. 😀

  2. good.eve poh! ask q lng poh mgkano pagapalinis ng ngipin sa 2yrs old n bata..?
    gusto q poh sna jan papalinisan ngipin ng anak q …madmi dn poh kc nagsasabe maganda daw s abesamis dental clinic..

    wait q poh reply nio.. nakaleave poh kc aq sa martes..

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