Little Jedi

The Little Jedi Walks!

Unlike his cousin who walked on her own at 10 months, Lucas was still crawling when he turned 1. I was getting a bit worried and have been thinking if I did not encourage him enough or he’s just getting too comfortable crawling. After his birthday I have been trying to encourage him more, having daily walks every morning and walking with toy lawnmower.

Two weeks ago, Mike and I saw him make two to four steps on his own. Last week while we were playing, I sat across the room and with my most exciting, encouraging, smiling, call-it-exaggerated-but-I-don’t-care voice I said, “Lucas, come to Mommy! You can do it baby! Walk across!” over and over.

And there I was, counting his steps. One…two…three…(at this point I was waiting for him to sit and start crawling to me)….four….five….( he’s still walking) …six…seven…(..waaaitaminute…could he finally be…)..eight….ni…I stopped counting because I was so elated. And then he was in my arms smiling proudly! He walked across the room by himself!

And he didn’t just do it once. He walked his way to me every time we put him back to his ‘starting line’. Since then, he’s walked more frequent and getting faster and more confident every day.

I’m now bracing myself for his next milestone: THE RUN.


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