Mommy musings

I Have A Toddler!

That was my biggest realization this week. I know, I know, he just turned one, has started walking on his own, I’ve been feeding him table food now and I even read The Happiest TODDLER in the Block. But it never really sank in that Lucas IS a toddler. He’s now a juxtaposition, an oxymoron of sorts:

  • He’s all grown up, yet he’s still so young
  • He has become more independent, yet he still depends so much on us
  • He shows he’s strong, but he can still be fragile
  • I feel like he understands things more, but he can’t even decipher every word I say
  • He is so smart and curious and knows a lot more, yet he is still oblivious about the grand schema of things
  • He’s grown so big yet, he’s still so small
  • Most of all, he’s no longer that little infant I held in my arms, but to me he is still a happy, curious, growing baby.
My little big boy

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