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Do You Remember These?

Don’t you just love being a child?

Pompoms and Sari-sari Store (convenience store)-bought merengue

My grade school snack everyday. There is an Oreo-ish way of eating Iced Gems:

  1. Pick one with your favorite color
  2. Lick the candy on top
  3. Bite off the candy
  4. Leave the rest of the biscuit on the table

Alternative way of eating it:

  1. Pick one
  2. Break off the candy on top. Place it in a bowl and set aside
  3. Leave the rest of the biscuits on the table
  4. Start eating the collected “gems”

The original scramble. What’s your favorite? Extra sago, Brown Cow chocolate syrup, or powdered milk? Mine’s the milk.

The only hopia for me. This was my favorite pasalubong. I was able to buy a few at Waltermart in Pasong Tamo.

So, what is your favorite childhood food? I would be interested to know. Ü

P.S. to Lucas: These are Mommy’s childhood favorite snacks. I wonder what would be yours? And I wonder if they still sell these when you’re old enough to be allowed to have some. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Do You Remember These?

  1. Oooh can’t wait to be able to eat iskrambol again as well as other street foods! And the Pompoms seem to have a different packaging now. 😉 I remember I used to go with my lola to the market to buy the whole pack when she’s buying stocks for her sari-sari store. I miss those days… 🙂

    1. Yes Len. Parang mas sosyal na ang packaging ng Pompoms. Hehe. Improved Pompoms. They still taste the same. I’m hunting Pritos Rings also hehehe

      1. I’m sure meron nyan sa market talaga. Yung kung saan namimili ng maramihan ang mga owners ng sari-sari stores. There’s also the La-la Chocolate, which I love! Yum! :)+

  2. Too bad, wla ng dumadaan na scramble ngayon. At least though meron cya sa mga malls. Yun nga lng, mas masarap padin yung nbibili sa daan 🙂
    How about Lala, MikMik, and Hawhaw? 🙂 And the powdered milk na nakalagay sa mini “dede” bottle that comes in different colors.

  3. nakakatuwa talaga pag nakaka kita ako ng mga ganitong classic food! bumibili kami nyan pompoms tsaka yung gem biscuit,paborito ko yan dati. sarap balikan ng kabataan days! =)

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