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Hooray for Easter Holiday!

Long vacations are always a luxury for me. I seldom take long leave from the office unlike Mike. The last one I had was during the Little Jedi’s birthday but that was a busy week-long leave from work. The five-day (well, four for me because I have work the following Monday after Easter) vacation was well spent at my Mama’s house in Cavite.

I like coming home to Cavite. Although I keep on denying that it is a province, (because it’s just in Bacoor–two tumbling’s away from Las Piñas) I have to admit that being away from Manila is really refreshing. It really is a province in many wonderful ways. No, it’s not like Pangasinan (our REAL province where Mama grew up) with a farm and animals and rice fields. But the idea of being away from Manila/work is just splendid!

So what did we do during the Holy Week? Three things: Rest. Pray. Bond.

When I say rest, I mean eat-sleep kind of rest. For Lucas, it was sleep-eat-play-eat-sleep-play-eat-sleep. As for me, well, it was just as indulgent. Heehee. Mama always prepares my favorites whenever we stay there. And since they like taking Lucas off my hands, I was also able to get a long-overdue rest from work. My goal was for Lucas to gain a couple more pounds. He did. Guess who else did? Hehe.

Eat. Eat. Eat.


Play. Play. Play.

I also got to do my old hobby: bead work. Too bad I only had a couple of nice beads left. I was only able to make one necklace/bracelet. I’m planning to start my hobby again, though. 🙂 Time to visit Quiapo soon!

Pray. Of course during Holy Week, we pray. As for me, my old room is the perfect place to meditate. My quiet time at our home in Parañaque is when everyone is asleep. I get to think things over, do a little meditation, and blog. The downside is I sleep late. During the weekend, I wake up in the morning, I get to do a little introspection and whisper a prayer.

Bond. Boy, did we bond! Lucas bonded with Nuggets. Lucas eats his cereals, Nuggets eats whatever (Lucas) drops. What better way to develop a lasting relationship, right?

The Little Jedi bonds with Nuggets
Nuggets waiting for the Little Jedi to make "the drop"
Waiting for Mama with the food
Lucas: I will make it look like I accidentally dropped the cereal. When I do, discreetly eat it ok?
Nuggets: wurf! (translation: roger that!)
Lucas: I'm taller than you now!


Lucas also bonded with Mama and his Ninang. He had morning walks with Mama. Finally! A wide space to walk to with fresh air (fresher than the metro, I guess). Lucas do not get much motivation (and space) to walk when we are in Parañaque, even when he can already walk all by himself. In Cavite, Mama did not let him crawl when he is not in bed. At first, he would grab a hand to guide him (mine, Mama’s or my sister’s). By day two, he was already walking from the living room to the kitchen, to the dining area. He even goes straight to the door. That is his way of telling us that he wants to walk outside. By day three, he’d rather walk than be carried. Woohoo!



Grateful smile from the Little Jedi
Mama's walking buddy

Lucas also enjoyed the rocking chair. Sitting/rocking on it has become a part of his routine for three days, I was worried he might look for it when we come home to Parañaque. I hope I can find a small rocking chair for him. Does anyone know where I could buy one?

Lastly, we bonded more. I only brought 2 toys plus two stuffed ones for bedtime. I brought all of his board books, though. And that is how we bonded. I read to him and he would read to me in return. I was able to do the activities that I would only get to do during weekends and when I am home early (play with him in the morning, give him a bath, feed him his snacks, play with him some more, sing together) for four consecutive days. Oh those are precious moments, indeed! The only downside of our vacation is that Mike couldn’t be with us because he had work. Boo! 😦

I am now spiritually rejuvenated and emotionally motivated to spend as much time with the Little Jedi. That means to leave home as late as possible, come home as early as possible, and do more activities on weekends as much as I can!


6 thoughts on “Hooray for Easter Holiday!

  1. Happy Easter to you and your family, Maggie!

    Oh wow! I’m also into making beads.. Yun nga lng mejo lumabo ang mata ko that’s why I stopped. With an active toddler, ang hirap gumawa. Nakakatakot bka kasi may mkuha cyang bead then kainin. Do you also buy at Wellmanson? Bigla ko tuloy namiss ang Quiapo.

    San kayo sa Cavite? 🙂 My husband teases me na province ang Cavite pero I always say na mas probinsya nmn ang Batangas -where he grew up 🙂

    1. In Molino, Em 🙂 near Soldier’s hehe. Oo! Nagpupunta ako sa Wellmanson! dun at sa Butingtings just across the street from Wellmanson. Grabe nakakabaliw mamili ng mga beads dun! Ang dami! Sama ka sakin sa visit ko sa Quiapo? hehe.

  2. Reading your blog entries makes me more excited to have my little one soon! 🙂 I feel like I’m gonna have a travel buddy once he grows up. 😀

    I remember we used to have a wooden rocking chair for kids although I can’t remember anymore where it actually came from. I Googled it and I found one making this kind of chairs: 😉

    1. Oh I am just as excited for you Len! Lapit na! Oh and thanks for the link! It’s not the ratan chair pero mukhang pwede na. hehe. and for only 250 pesos? why not!!

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