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Organizing Lucas’ Toys for a Purpose

On our recent visit to Doc Vienne, I mentioned to her that I noticed Lucas getting all excited whenever he goes to his tent or play corner in our room. Dockie said Lucas could be easily distracted and overly-stimulated  by the toys that he sees. I guess I am to blame because I wanted to bring out all the toys he received during his birthday. Doc Vienne suggested to bring out just two toys that the Little Jedi likes best. We can give him his other toys alternatively say, after three days or maybe even a week. This will help him (and any toddler for that matter) to learn how to play the toy and focus on one activity at a time. She also suggested to bring out more books instead. This will encourage reading, focus, observation, and develop patience in my tot.

So after our long vacay in Cavite, I kept most of his toys. Good thing I read Maqui’s post and did not throw away the toys’ boxes for easy storage and stacking. These are the toys in his room. The bigger ones are in the other room. It made me wonder how can one toddler, who’s less than three feet tall, have all these toys!

Stacked neatly

I removed most of his toys in his room and placed his board books on the table. I thought this is appropriate because when he’s in the room I want him to slow down and relax. I put in his favorite board books here and the rest in his tent. Since, I’ve always wanted one for him, this is now his Reading Area, stage 1. This area will only get better in the coming months. Oh, and I better start buying more board books! Better schedule my trip to Booksale!

His Reading Area

I want to continue encouraging Lucas to stand and walk so I brought out the toys that would require him to do so. I only put two educational toys in his tent and more books.

Oh I am so proud of how I excavated all the other toys and organized them successfully.

Or so I thought.

I turned my back from Lucas and, literally, after one minute, this is what I saw:

Hurricane Lucas struck again!

Can you just imagine how it was when he had more toys?


6 thoughts on “Organizing Lucas’ Toys for a Purpose

  1. We used to have a tent to where I put all his kalat.. I mean toys pala. hihi. Kaya lng we had no choice but to remove it kasi pinagpapawisan si Akira tuwing lalabas dun. Kulang nlng dun sya matulog 🙂

    1. That was his reading area/play area before. I did not bring out his other books yet. Especially his Dr. Seuss’. Those are for weekends only when his Mum’s around to read them to him 🙂

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