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I Can Cook! – Kwek Kwek

One of Mike’s favorites is Kwek-Kwek or Tukneneng (I can never tell which is which or what’s the difference). It’s boiled quail or chicken eggs dipped in orange batter and deep fried. It’s a very popular street food here in the Philippines. Since Hubby likes it so much, I decided to make a batch of Kwek Kwek using quail eggs. I know he prefers chicken eggs, but I’d like to start small (literally).

Thanks to Panlasang Pinoy, I was able to successfully make a batch of Kwek Kwek. Maputla nga lang. (It’s a little pale though.)

It’s so easy to make! You may find the recipe here.

P.S. I am editing the title to my food recipe posts. I am adding “I can cook!” because that is how I feel everytime I successfully cook anything 🙂


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