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Parenting Bootcamp Weekend (The Little Jedi is Sick)

I usually love weekends. But this weekend was extra worrisome for me and Mike and super stressful for the Little Jedi.

Thursday morning. I was about to leave the house when Yaya said Lucas has fever. I checked and indeed, the thermometer read 38 degrees Celsius. Mike wasn’t home yet so I requested to take a leave from work to take care of the Little Jedi. There wasn’t really anything wrong with him, except for the fever. He was still active and eat a lot. I just noticed he doesn’t like to drink milk much. It subsided mid-day so I was confident that maybe he’s just teething. (His gums are a bit swollen.)

Friday 12am. I checked his temperature and he was at 37.1 degrees. That’s normal temp.

Friday 2 am. I suddenly woke up when I felt the Little Jedi’s skin and he was so hot! I checked his temperature and he was at 39 degrees! I woke Yaya up so we can give him a cold sponge bath and give him paracetamol. It worked because his temperature went down. I texted my boss to tell her I’ll come in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I had to run a training program so I couldn’t get a full-day leave. At 6:00 am, his fever has subsided. Since Mike was already home, I went to work before lunch time.

With frequent follow-up from Mike, I learned that Lucas still has fever that won’t go lower than 38 degrees. I was getting a bit worried and the praning mom in me was starting to stir. I told Mike if Lucas still has fever by Saturday morning, we’re bringing him to the hospital.

Saturday 8:00 am. His temperature was at 38 degrees. It was unfortunate that Dr. Saulog was on leave from work. I would’ve taken Lucas to her immediately. I initially wanted to bring him to Asian Hospital but Mike insisted it’s a little far. He said Lucas can be checked in Parañaque Doctor’s.

While I was waiting for the looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong confirmation of my HMO, Mike texted to tell me that his temperature has gone down to 36.9 degrees so I did not bring Lucas to the hospital that morning anymore.When I came home, I checked his temperature and lo and behold, it’s at 38 degrees again. I immediately stormed (as in!) out of the unit and rushed to the hospital to find a pedia to check Lucas. I wasn’t happy with how the doctor checked Lucas. She did made a request for urinalysis and CBC lab tests. Lucas was only able to take the CBC test because it was difficult to attach the pedia wiwi bag, no thanks to the lab staff who weren’t even in a nurse’s uniform. Prick number 1 for Lucas. Did he cry? Barely.

When I got the results 2 hours after I was alarmed that Lucas’ WBC (white blood cell) and platelets are really low.I tried calling the pedia who did the check up but she wasn’t picking her phone so I rushed home and woke Mike and told him we need to bring Lucas to the hospital. I packed all necessary things in case Lucas will be admitted. I brought clothes, milk, bottles, diapers, wipes, thermometer, the musical toy that puts Lucas to sleep, his favorite book, The Very Lazy Ladybug, and his trusted blankie. I was only thinking of 2 things: please let it be not dengue and if Lucas would get admitted, I should make his stay in the hospital as comfortable as possible.

Good thing Asian Hospital accommodated us well. The ER pedia requested for another set of tests after I showed him the result from Parañaque Doctor’s. The lab staff intially wanted to get blood samples from Lucas on his arm. This is when he started to cry. He doesn’t like being held down. The lab staff gave up too and resorted to get blood from his finger. Prick number 2.

What made Mami and Lucas cry
The pricked finger of the brave little boy 😦

I requested for both CBC and Dengue tests to be done. After an hour the doctor came back with the results. This time he said the WBC went up a bit and his platelet count, though it’s low, is still within the range for normal. He said he could be suffering from something viral.  Although he did say that if Lucas’ fever persists for 2 more days or he starts to look week, we should bring him back for another round of tests. So that night, we went home, partially relieved.

Sunday. Lucas did not have fever anymore. But I noticed that his intake of liquids was fewer. Now I was worried of dehydration. My doctor friend was also not convinced with the ER pedia’s explanation and just advised to observe if Lucas gets weaker.

Monday, 6:00 AM. I felt Lucas diaper and it wasn’t as full as it should be. He was also not getting up from bed and I saw there were rashes on his face. Praning mom took over and this time, even Mike agreed to bring Lucas back to Asian. It was difficult for a mommy or a parent for that matter to not know how to make your child feel better especially if that’s the only thing you want in the world. I wanted answers and the only way I could think of getting answers is through the experts. Lucas had another CBC test. Prick number 3. He also requested a urinalysis done. This time, the staff at Asian assisted us in properly putting the wiwi bag to collect wiwi. After a few minutes and the doctor came back with normal results. Like the first doctor, he said it looks viral.

Lucas was more active and started to eat and drink more for the rest of the day. That night, I saw that rashes broke out of his skin. That’s when it hit me. A post I read almost a year ago. Viral. It could be roseola. Maqui’s Aki suffered from the same virus. Mike and I read more about it and when we found out it’s not dangerous, I finally felt a sigh of RELIEF. My baby will be ok.

Now, Lucas is much much better. He’s back to being a happy, active baby. The rashes are still there but I do not fret anymore. I know my Little Jedi is going to be better.

Being a parent really is the toughest role–EVER. The benefits are just as much as the sacrifices. It’s fearfully wonderful. This experience was one of those big leaps to becoming a parent. If there was a scorecard for parenting, I think Mike and I earned one each on this.

PS. Special thanks to Maqui for your post on Roseola!


13 thoughts on “Parenting Bootcamp Weekend (The Little Jedi is Sick)

    1. Well according to Dr. Sears, it’s a common infection for 0-1 year old kids. I’ll remember to ask it to Dra. Saulog when she’s back from her leave

  1. Glad that the Little Jedi is much better now.
    Minsan, nakakadagdag ng stress ang nurses lalo na when it comes to handling babies and toddlers. Yung iba kasi deadmakels on how the babies feel.

    1. Naku sinabi mo pa Em! The nurse who took Lucas’ blood sample sa first hospital looks so sloppy and walang pakialam. Mejo lumabas pagka-momzilla ko sa kanya

  2. It is so hard talaga when our kids are sick. Kung pwede lang na higupin natin ang sakin nila para tayo na lang ng mahirapan. When Aki’s blood was extracted for the first time, ako yun iyak ng iyak.
    i am glad lucas is getting better. stay strong , lutas, for mommy.

    1. Big, big thanks to you and your post, Maqui. If I didn’t hadn’t read your post about roseola, I would’ve brought Lucas right back to Asian that night. Funny pala nasa harap lang kita kanina sa van hehehe

  3. When you said that parenting is “fearfully wonderful”…i was reminded of the song of David in Psalm 139:14. “I praise you because I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Made me realize he was referring to God as a father. If David knew and felt that from how God the Father made and took care of him, may Lucas also know that full well, from your love and God’s as well. 🙂 and someday also be able to say, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made (and raised).
    glad he is better….smile “praning mom”! 🙂

  4. Glad to know that Lucas is better now. Ang hirap talaga nyan, even me ako yung unang naiiyak when I see my child in pain. Huhuhu Naiiyak ako for Lucas, get well soon baby! Para maging happy na uli si Mommy and Daddy. Be strong ate Jing and kuya Mike!

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