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Asian Hospital for the Little Jedi

One thing that I learned when Lucas got sick (apart from the many other things that I have posted) is that every Mommy should have a trusted pediatrician and a very reliable, go-to hospital for the baby. I am very happy with Dr. Saulog as Lucas’ pedia. She took away the praning mom in me when she checked Lucas for the first time. I’ve missed her a lot during this time. I was thinking all the time that if she was the one who checked Lucas last Saturday, she would’ve answered all my questions. Maybe Lucas didn’t have to go through three sets of finger pricking and blood collection. He would’ve probably just had one set of lab tests. I couldn’t help but compare how the other pedia checked Lucas last Saturday. She didn’t wash her hands, didn’t take Lucas’ clothes off, and didn’t even take my son’s temperature! Spell frustration.

Maybe one silver lining during that bad, dark cloud is I now have a go-to hospital for Lucas: Asian Hospital. Not that I want to bring him there often, but if it is really, really needed, I would bring him there. There is a nearby hospital along Doña Soledad that is about a 3 minute drive from our place. That’s where I gave birth. But I never like my experiences bringing Lucas there, maybe for check-up or even when he got admitted for neo-natal pneumonia last year. The service is slow, really slow. And I can count only a handful of sincere nurses there.

Photo from Asian Hospital website
Photo from Asian Hospital website
Asian Hospital has a pediatric room. Photo from the Asian Hospital website

It is fortunate that Asian Hospital is an accredited hospital in our HMO package. Dr. Saulog also holds clinic there.  If she was here last Saturday, I would’ve brought Lucas to him in Asian. I’ve only been there twice: to visit a friend who gave birth and last Saturday. When we get to the ER, it didn’t look like an ER. It looked more like the waiting area of most banks and maybe even more comfortable. The staff in the emergency room were very accommodating. I did not have to worry about processing the HMO or waiting for the cashier to get confirmation from our provider. After filling out a form and leaving my card with the cashier, I focused on Lucas. The ER nurse immediately took, what I think, are SOPs. They took his temperature and weight and then we were brought to a pedia observation room. I have to admit, I appreciate the separate observation room for children. They won’t be bothered by possibly crazy ER for adults. The walls were painted, there were beds for children and pediatric crib, the room was clean, and there was a TV tuned in to Disney Junior. There was also a coffee vendo available at the “reception” for the guests. I was too focused on Lucas that I wasn’t able to take a picture of the ER.

Unlike sloppy lab nurse #1, lab nurse #2 was far more sincere and gentle with Lucas. He tried to talk to my son, maybe trying to build rapport with the one-year-old. Although we had to hold Lucas down, he didn’t force the syringe in the Little Jedi arm. Nurse #2 decided to collect blood from Lucas’ finger.The lab results were also delivered fast. After the doctor assured us that Lucas could’ve acquired something viral, I just went to the cashier, signed the HMO form and left. Ironically, that was the easiest, breeziest part of my day.

I’m glad I know where to bring Lucas or my future kids when they need to go to a hospital. Asian may be a bit far from us, even a little pricier than the nearby hospital, but I think it is all worth it.


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