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My Realizations About Parenting

Because of our very recent experience with Lucas getting sick, I realized a lot of things:

  1. Parenting is the toughest role on earth. Kudos, parents!
  2. Mommies panic when baby is sick because they do not know what to do.
  3. When going to the hospital for admission or when you will be in a long trip you should prepare the following:
  • Enough clothes in case admission of child is necessary
  • Favorite thing (toy, stuffed animal, favorite CD for the car, binky, blanket, book, etc) because you want to make the experience as comfortable as possible
  • Food to munch on
  • Water/milk
  • First Aid kit with thermometer (yes, even when you’re in the hospital)

4. Mommies’ instincts are far stronger than Daddies’. Mike was just chill all the time, I was the one who insists on doing things like bringing Lucas to the hospital. My boss validated that most daddies are like that. I guess that’s where the saying “Mother knows best” came from. Never underestimate motherly instincts.

5. Parenting removes all selfishness in your body. The Saturday when we had Lucas checked, I realized I did not have a decent meal until dinner. All I was thinking about was Lucas.

6. Mommies will never stop looking for answers to all questions related to their kid’s health.

7. Mommies cry when babies cry. But sometimes Mommies should not cry because their children can sense anxiety.

8. Having a calm and cool husband is both a blessing and a frustration.

9. Having  loving spouse during panic times is the best comfort a wifey could have.

10. Your children are faaar stronger than your worries.

11. Prayer works. Both for you and the patient.

12. It’s true. Parents WILL go through hell and high waters for their children.

13. If I had a super power, I want to be able to decipher a baby’s/toddler’s mumbles. When you understand your child, all else will be easier to manage.

14. There’s an inner momzilla/dadzilla in every parent.

15. No amount of distraction can take a parent’s mind off her/his sick child.

Thank you, Lucas, for teaching Mami all these. More to come!


4 thoughts on “My Realizations About Parenting

  1. Clap, Clap, Clap. Very well said, mommy Maggie!
    A mother understands and feels what a child does not say or do. So, yeah, Never underestimate your instincts 🙂

      1. About your question.. Yes, they have classes for 1 y/o tots. Lucas would fall under Level 3 (10-16months old). You may call Gymboree Alabang (63)2 -771-7529 to know the schedule of their classes. Iba-iba kasi per hour eh 🙂

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