Little Jedi

There’s a Culprit in the House!

It was a hot Saturday morning. I was doing my usual cleaning when I felt something’s amiss. Then, I found a “victim” lying in that red Cars tent…

Goodbye, P65 Eric Carle book from Booksale

The culprit left some evidence that  were impossible to miss. The first evidence tells me that the culprit likes Cheerios and is a messy eater…hmmm

Aha! Cheerios on the floor!

Sherlock Mom tried to look around the house for more evidence. This is what I saw…

Fingerprints! All five of them! Hmmmmmmmm….

I learned from watching CSI and Criminal Minds that if you have fingerprints you are 99% sure who the culprit is. Like me, you probably know who did all these.

There’s the runaway rascal!

Here’s the pint-sized book ripper caught red handed.

Huli ka!

Guilty of book tearing, the Little Jedi has been in parole and showing tremendous job of entertaining us. Soon (like later), he’ll be off the hook. He almost tore another book, though. Good thing speedy Mami saved the book from the excited tot.


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