Little Jedi

The Graduate

April is the (extended) month for graduation and my Little Jedi graduated too. He has graduated from using the bottle!

When Lucas got sick two weeks ago, he somehow lost his interest to drink milk. He drinks a lot of water but not milk. He would shove the bottle away from us. We tried using the sippy cup. It worked, for a couple of hours but eventually he declined it. Then we tried using a glass. He drank from it, but would still refuse milk. We tried using cold water and that’s when he started drinking. However, 3 days since Lucas has been well, he still isn’t drinking much milk. Until Yaya thought of using a straw. Now, I don’t how many one-year old’s would drink with a straw, nor how many yaya’s would think of that solution. After seeing the results, I don’t really care for the answer to the two previous questions because Lucas was able to drink a lot of milk using the straw!

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So now, we have packed all his bottles, except for two, left two sippy cups ready (just in case) and bought him 2 small glasses, a plastic and ceramic one for water and milk. Although I prefer the ceramic one instead.Oh an I also bought him a pack of bendable straws. The ones that I saw in SM are too long so I have to cut them to shorter pieces. Bye-bye bottles, hello glass and straw (and milk again)!


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