Happy foodie

My New Toy

Lookit what I got!

A donut maker! I can make donuts in 4 minutes, baked not fried. This comes with a recipe book too. When I got this, I immediately tried the chocolate donut recipe.

Tadaaa! Donuts in 4 minutes!

Yummy! and the Little Jedi agrees.

Busog na busog sa donuts

I gave him donuts without the chocolate frosting of course.

Calling mom-bloggers who want to have a donut party! πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “My New Toy

      1. wow! ang sayang leave naman niyan. I thinked we are booked for most weekends pero let me check ha. You free Sunday next week?
        Happy mother’s day, Maggie!

  1. Wow!!! Where’d you get it? Cool!

    OT: Natuwa ako—si Maqui, LB girl din; kayo ni Mars, ka-Century girls ko. Ay si Mars LB girl din pala, ka-course ko pa. We really should get together!

    1. Hi Dew! Got it online hehe. I have to remember to ask Mike where he bought it. Tsk. πŸ™‚ Oo nga! Mars is in Seoul right now. When she comes back na lang πŸ™‚

      1. Hehe. I was backreading your posts about cake pops Maggie when I saw this comment thread. Haha. Kakatuwa! I so want your makers, where did you get them. please text me!! Can’t sleep. Haha πŸ™‚

  2. Hi again maggie, just want to ask, I bought din kc my cakepop maker online but i cannot use it here sa tin kc its 120V.. I need to use a transformer for this.. My question is, what transformer did you use for your new toy? kailangan ba it also indicates 1300Watts?

  3. i want that toy,too! waahh! dito lang ba yan sa pinas online nabili mommy maggie? pwede malaman yung site? been dreaming to make din sana donuts, mukhang ang sarap din nung gawa mo and base sa photos nag enjoy din si baby jedi. =)

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