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Home Alone with a Toddler

We are yaya-less for two weeks. Yaya took a “leave” from work and went home to Surigao and visited her children. Our plan was for me and the Little Jedi to stay at my Mama’s house in Cavite and Mike to stay in Parañaque because he is in graveyard shift. It’s difficult for him to travel that far at night.

Yaya left Friday morning last week. I had to take a leave that day to take care of Lucas since Mike is coming home late morning. We were scheduled to go to Cavite the following Sunday (Mother’s Day). The only time I got to take care of Lucas by myself (meaning without a yaya) when he was a month old. After his first month, I had Mama’s and my sister’s help, and eventually yaya. He was pretty easy to take care then since all he did was to eat and sleep. So this was the first time again for me to take care of….a toddler! And boy, it’s not so easy anymore! Now I understand why yaya sometimes isn’t be able to wash the dishes until I get home. When you’re alone with a walking toddler, life’s a marathon. Hats off to Mars who took care of her Lia when they were in Singapore.

When you’re home alone with a toddler:

  • Wake up at least two hours before he wakes up. To clean the house and cook breakfast.
  • Do not try to arrange his toys once he wakes up. It’s going to be pointless.
  • Prepare your activities one day ahead.
  • Never turn your back when he’s awake. When you’re with an active toddler, there’s so many things that he could do.
  • You will discover so many things everyday.

When you’re alone with a toddler, the most important thing is to keep the little one happy.

But was I tired! Tired and happy. 🙂


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