Little Jedi

“New” Toys for the Little Jedi

When we decided to stay at Mama’s house for two weeks while Yaya takes a grand vacay, I decided not to bring a lot of toys. First, they are just too heavy and too bulky to transport and second, there are so many things that the Little Jedi can discover at his Mama’s place.

And I was right. The musical table, truck and even Mickey were ignored. They were replaced by not-so-toys (NST) toys.

NST toy #1: The Bell


He would spend hours pounding on this bell. I even think it drives Nuggets (our dog) nuts. This replaced the musical table.

NST toy #2: Tumblers

He would stack them, line them up, or throw them around.These replaced his stacking blocks.

NST # 3: The Stool

We brought his push toy but I guess he saw new fun on pushing something without wheels.

And NST toy # 3: Nuggets!

Nuggets would run after Lucas and Lucas is just amazed (as always) by that furry little creature. One time Nuggets was barking loudly. After he was done barking Lucas started babbling, as if he was “scolding” Nuggets. I wonder if babies and dogs understand each other? Hmm.

Other NST toys that are not in the picture are plastic bowls, unused remote controls, and and old VHS player. Yes. We still have one of those in Mama’s place. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on ““New” Toys for the Little Jedi

  1. hahah. this is so cute. lia is like that too. she loves tupperware, remote controls (TV, Aircon, Fan — kahit ano!). At nako, super favorite niya ang wetwipes! She loves pulling each sheet one by one πŸ™‚

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