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To Rice or Not to Rice

When we got the go signal that Lucas can eat table food, I have been giving the typical Filipino staple carbohydrate: rice. Lucas is an enthusiastic eater. The only time he did not like his meal was when the ulam (dish) was ampalaya (bitter gourd). He really didn’t like the taste. Come to think of it, a lot of adults don’t like the veggie’s taste either. So I am not too surprised that the Little Jedi did not like it. So apart from ampalaya, Lucas would eat anything on his plate, rice included.

Mike and I have different points-of-view when it comes to serving rice to Lucas. He said, less rice (that sometimes becomes no rice) for Lucas. On the other hand, I am fine if there is a little more rice in his meal. We even came to the point of arguing about it and I was on the verge of almost-pikon state.

Rice or no rice?

Maybe it’s how different Mike and I were brought up. I grew up in a rice-loving, no-rice-won’t-get-you-full-believing family. So no or little rice is only a mid-daymeryenda (snack) for us. Mike on the other hand spent his childhood abroad. They are the steak-loving, no-rice-is-okay-type of family. I associate less-rice diet to people who wants to lose weight (like me) And who would want to put your 1-year old on a low/no carb diet? At least that’s how how I saw it. Although I have to admit, part of me believes in Mike’s point, that he just wants to give Lucas a balanced diet.

So to end this soon-to-be epic argument, we asked Doc Vienne what she thinks about our points-of-view. She said (almost apologetically) to me that in this discussion, Mike is right (At that very moment, I can almost see Mike’s ‘i toldya so’ smirk that he was trying to hide). She agreed with Mike when he said that he sees it as an “extender” to make people become full easily when eating. It is a source of carbohydrates and too much of it can lead to obesity or diabetes. I am aware of these things but what she made me understand is that when you give babies or toddlers less rice, that doesn’t mean that you are putting them on a weight-loss diet. They will not starve as long as you ensure that there are more meat and vegetables than rice. Giving right proportions is the key to a good diet. Little rice, or rice substitute (corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes), a fair amount of meat and lots of veggies is one healthy and happy meal.

We continue the joy of eating even with less rice. 🙂 Basta maraming veggies!

And so, I concede to this battle happily and wisely. All’s good! You can remove that smirk now, Mike.



4 thoughts on “To Rice or Not to Rice

  1. Thanks for the information, maggie. I would totally agree with you, having been raised in a rice-til-you-drop household, too. Good thing we have Dr. Vienne! And the concept could also be put to a good use by adults like us, but that would translate to an unhappy mommy for me! So, never mind I guess? hahaha.

    I didn’t notice the photo of Lucas on the right side before. It’s so cute 🙂

    1. thanks for liking his photo, Khaye. hehe i know, i am a firm believer that rice IS the only way you can have a full stomach. buti na lang firm believer din ako ni Doc Vienne hehe.

  2. Idol… it’s the opposite for me… i feed my Little Bumblebee and Little Ariel with more rice than meat (and lot’s of bread and biscuits in between). Like you I also believe in Dr. Vienne and Mike’s point though. Pero nakasayan na kaya naipapasa. But this has to stop!!! Things need to change!!! Believe!!!

    – Elvin the fluouyowwvuh!

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