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Cakepops, Anyone?

SIL and I have been busying ourselves with a new hobby. Ever since we bought my new toys, we’ve been making mini donuts and cake pops as much as we can.

I have made no-bake pops of oreos and creamcheese ( mmm) for my boss’ birthday. Recently, my friend asked me if I can make cake pops for her nephew’s baptism. I agreed and so SIL and I did our first official cakepops project.

Here’s the finished product:



We made chocolate and lemon pops. I personally like the lemon cake pops. The Little Jedi likes it too!

This is one of my stress relievers when days at work becomes super crazy.


13 thoughts on “Cakepops, Anyone?

  1. Hi Ms.Maggie, I’m a mommy of an 8-month old baby.. I’m happy to have read your blog.. I wanna ask where did you buy ung mga ingredients mo for cake pops? esp ung candy melts.. I am searching the net kc kung san meron dito sa tin pero wala ko mahanap.. I called gourdo’s and livingwell but wala na rin daw sila nun.. I wanted to try cake pops din kc.. thanks..

    1. Hi Jenielle! Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂 Oh and pleeeease call me Maggie. Hehe. As for your question, I haven’t found chocolate melts here in Manila too. I use Goya’s chocolate buttons. Tapos I just add powdered food coloring 🙂

      1. Hi Tin! I melt it through a double boiler. I place the chocolates in a glass bowl and place above another pot with boiling water. Make sure not to drop any liquid in the chocolate or it will ruin the consistency of the chocs. 🙂 i’m still discovering other melting chocolates. Anyone has an idea? 🙂

      2. Just want to share, im buying my supplies if i have time at chocolate lovers sa cubao, i once bought the so called CBS or parang edible wax(sa US kasi katumbas paramount crystals) ata sa tin ang tawag i use this to melt chocolates for dipping. . Nagfail ako to melt the white chocolate. . I hope it helps. And thanx for sharing! Sinusubaybayan ko ang blogs m, i like it! God bless!

  2. Kung melting chocolates pala just want to share, i bought mine at chocolate lovers ung bar type of different size and colors, my dark, semi sweet . . Hope it helps. . 🙂

  3. Hi miss maggie, i have a question, have used goya buttons for my cake pops coating, d problem ayaw nya kumapit s cake pops twice ko n mag attempt to use this white chocolate buttons, this is my 2nd failure to use it. . And one more thing i find it hard to smoothen it out. . Maybe you can help me thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Tintin. Hit and miss din ako sa goya buttons. Sometimes it doesn’t melt well 😦 You may want to try the melting chocolates that they have in Chocolate Lovers. I might go there too kasi gusto ko makita yung variety of chocolates nila. I hope your next try will be successful!

  4. First attempt ko n white chocolate ung s choco lovers, 2nd attempt goya, parehas failure. Hehe. Try and try again. Thanx agan maggie!

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