Little Jedi

How to Assemble a Phone

The first question is: who disassembled it? Hmmm.

After successfully disassembling the phone by manner of throwing, Lucas tried to put it back together.

No luck! That was Mike’s old phone. Buti na lang sira na talaga yun! When he realized he cannot put it all back, he hid everything under the sofa.



2 thoughts on “How to Assemble a Phone

  1. Kids will be kids but one thing wonderful about it is that he tried to fix it. He took the initiative to mend them together. Very admirable . I remember my son when he was about that age, he’s so curious that he would start dismantling anything he touched and try to fix it after. Now, he makes his own Legos meant for a 7-12 years old. He’s only six. Honestly, I can’t even do those legos. To many, too small. I’ll be confused in 30 minutes. Great post. Best wishes to your family.

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