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Indigo Baby Products

At the onset of summer (I know, this is a long, overdue post), Lucas has been frequently swimming in the clubhouse pool. When it started to get hotter, even in the morning, I got concerned about Lucas’ skin. I knew I need to buy a good sunblock that is safe for toddlers.

I consulted my most reliable research friend, the internet, and stumbled upon Indigo Baby products from Manila Mommy‘s blog. Her post about Indigo Baby’s The Sun is Shining is convincing so I visited Indigo Manila’s multiply site. Iwas really happy with what I saw. They sell children’s products on good prices! I like their Indigo Baby set and the baby clothes. I also like the fact that the owners are mompreneurs who are advocates of breastfeeding. I even like the fun names of their products. They also have different payment options like bank payment, COD, credit card payment, Smart Money, GCash and even paypal!

I ended up buying two items:Β  Sun is Shining baby sunblock and Jar of Hope first aid gel.


The products arrived just in time because Lucas had a recent insect bite. I openedΒ  Jar of Hope immediately and the first thing I noticed was the wonderful smell of chamomile. When I dipped my fingers in, it was a bit runny and it felt really cool. I applied some on Lucas’ leg, where the bite was, and after a day, the swelling was gone. Jar of Hope received a smiley πŸ™‚

Then we tried Sun is Shining. Just like Jar of Hope, the scent was noticeable. It felt like body butter so I spread generously all over Lucas’ body and face. I spread some on me too. It didn’t feel icky like other sunblock products. You have to apply it 20 minutes before swimming or walking outdoors so the body can absorb the lotion. After the swim, we didn’t get any irritation. Now I don’t have to worry about the heat of the sun when we go for a swim. Sun is Shining received a smiley too! πŸ™‚


Overall I am very happy with the products I purchased. I am planning to buy some more products in the future. These first two products are going to be staple items in Lucas’ closet. Thank you, Yummy Mummies of Indigo Baby Manila!


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