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12 Things to Do on June 12

Ever since we had Lucas, going out on a Holiday is not the primary way of spending it anymore. There are other fun activities you can do at home with a toddler.

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1. Wake up to a happy breakfast.
I made crepes.

2. Go swimming.
It’s fortunate that there is a really nice pool where we live. Swimming isn’t an occasional activity anymore. Lucas has been fond of swimming since he was 10 months.

3. Sleep.
The Little Jedi had so much fun in the pool, he went to his bed right after taking a bath.

4. Cook a happy lunch.
While Lucas was sleeping, I prepared fish en papillote. This is a dish I read from Maqui’s blog.

5. Read books.
Lucas has moved on from A Very Lazy Ladybug to Sandra Boynton books. His favorite now is But Not the Hippopotamus.

6. Play peek-a-boo.

7. Read some more.

8. Go out for a walk while waiting for Dadi.

9. Take pictures. Lots of it.

10. Read again.
This time Lucas reads.

11. Cook a hearty dinner.
Hubby requested for Smash Potatoes with ground beef. It’s like preparing tacos but instead of using taco shells, we put the meat and veggies on a bed of mashed potatoes. I also cooked squash soup to go with it. Lucas likes the latter.

12. Kiss and hug and sing to sleep.
Best way to end the day.

Sounds like a typical day? Yep! Because every day I get to spend with Lucas is special like any holiday.
Happy Independence Day!


3 thoughts on “12 Things to Do on June 12

      1. Would love too!!
        Pag nakahiram n ulit kmi ng car, go kami jan! Hirap magcommute pag may kasamang bulilit 😦

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