Mommy musings

You’re Super, Dad

You may have only been a father for just a year, but you’ve shown qualities I know our son and future children will want to emulate. Even before we had the Little Jedi, I knew in my heart of hearts you will be a great role model to him.

You’ve shown strength and courage that will make him feel safe around you.

You’ve shown tenderness that will make him feel comfortable to open up his thoughts and ideas.

You’ve shown intelligence and wisdom that he will seek for guidance and answers.

You’ve shown wit and humor that will assure him he has a fun dad.

You’ve shown creativity that will encourage him to look at the world in a different perspective. You’ve shown courage that he would want to have.

Most of all you’ve shown love that is immeasurable, unquestionable and incomparable.

Yep. You’re super, Dadi. More than you think you are. Happy Father’s Day, Superman! We love you!


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