Little Jedi

Of Crayons and Timing

When I saw Em’s post, I got inspired and excited. She bought her daughter crayons and I wanted to do the same for Lucas. I asked Mike to buy some non-toxic, washable crayons. I was so ready with my cleaning aids also because I was expecting the Little Jedi to be drawing everywhere.

Giddy Mami propped him up on his chair, got Dadi’s unused drawing pad and drew some images to inspire him.

I drew the teddy bear, Dadi drew the err, kid
After a few minutes of scribbling, the Little Jedi decided that dropping the crayons on the floor is more fun than drawing with them.

Making sure all crayons are on the floor
Nope. I don’t think Lucas likes drawing…yet. Maybe in a few months. 🙂

the crayons
…and eventually the drawing pad


4 thoughts on “Of Crayons and Timing

  1. hahaha. Lucas is so funny. 🙂 and yes, he may not like it yet..try using washable paints first and let him use his hands, then the paint brush. maybe he needs to appreciate using colors first. then move to big crayons before the thin ones. 😉

    1. Naku, Teacher, paint may not be a good idea too. Kasi he keeps on putting his hands in his mouth. Yung crayon nga nakagatan eh. I read somewhere to use food kaya lang I don’t want to give him the idea that he can play with food. soooo maybe patience is the best thing to do. hehe

  2. Out of the 8 Crayons, 4crayons are left with us nlng. Putol putol pa. I’m sure magkakasundo si Lucas and Akira pag nagkita sila. hehehe.

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