Little Jedi

The Bodyguard

Lucas has a new bodyguard. He’s well built, tall, and amazingly handsome. The only problem is…it doesn’t move.

This is Mike’s toy (now you can see how obsessed he is to Superman?). This is a gift to him by his twin. I am actually surprised he gave this to Lucas. I told Mike to keep it first because Lucas is at the stage where neither price nor value matter. I am afraid that I’ll come home one day and find out that Superman has been dismembered. My creative-weird mind imagines myself tripping over an arm or a leg. I wonder how Mike will react?

His Superman
Hey! You’re tall as I am
Aw, Mami, he’s such a pushover!


One thought on “The Bodyguard

  1. …and you’re his Superwoman! The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. (W.R. Wallace)
    Happy birthday Maggie!!! Ironic, we seem to be closer now that we’re not working in the same company. Looking forward to bonding with you and our online clique. 🙂
    a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>MomsterTeacher

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