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Fun Friday at Kidzville

Warning: This post is photo-heavy 🙂

I work in Ortigas and near The Podium. I would seldom have my lunch there. Apart from a couple of baby stores, and Toy Kingdom, one place catches my eye every time I go there. Kidzville. Okaaay, the name does sound a little jeje but my mommy senses tell me that there’s more to that place than its name. I did a little research and saw that Mom-Friday did a review. So one special Friday we went there. Why special? Guess. Heehee.

Anyhoot, the first thing that I noticed when we were there was the space. It looked like a  small play area from the outside but when we got in it was huge! Kidzville has an active gym and a pretend town where kids can play make-believe.

The minimum age that they allow to go inside alone is 5 years old. Of course I accompanied the Little Jedi inside. I did have to pay though. They require everyone to wear socks. This I didn’t know. Good thing they sold socks there, I think for Php20. When we got inside the gym I saw that there were sooo many things to do. Let me give you a tour around 🙂

We were greeted by a school bus (though I did not notice it until we were on our way out. Guess I was too excited hehe)

Beep Beep! School Bus is here!
They call the play area the Play Maze. It does look like big kiddie activity maze!

We went to the pool of balls first. Lucas loved it there! Even after spending quite some time there, he would always walk back in!

Lucas in camouflage

Look, Mami! I caught a foot! Oh, it’s mine.

Lucas was mesmerized by the tubes of bubbling water. He also keeps on coming back to this area. Well, aside from the fact that there are balls scattered around too.

It also has an area with big soft blocks.

We went through tubes and tumbled around a big obstacle course.

There was a big triple slide! Oooh I enjoyed this too!


What I like about the gym is that everything is covered in cushion making it safe even for younger kids. I also like how colorful it is inside. I even saw that there was a bathroom for kids inside the Play Maze.

We also went to the kiddie make-believe village but Lucas did not stay there long. It is a hit with bigger kids though.

Kidzville has a little something for mommies too. A spa!

So moms can have fun waiting while their kids play until they drop.

Kidzville also has a snack bar, an area to deposit your shoes and bags. They also have an area where they hold Kindermusik classes, perfect for preschool and toddlers. The same spacious hall can also hold a kiddie party. I’m keeping this in mind for Lucas’ 5th birthday 🙂

And the price? For 30 minutes of fun, it costs Php 180, Php 250 for an hour and Php 480 for unlimited playtime. Adult companions are also charged Php 120. I have to admit it is a bit pricey. Since I personally experienced the fun and saw how much Lucas enjoyed it there, I think it is all worth it for the kids.

To know more about Kidzville, you can visit their facebook page or contact them:

4th Level, The Podium Mall
#18 ADB Avenue, 1111 Pasig City, Philippines
Mon – Thu: 11:00 am-10:00 pm
Fri – Sun: 10:00 am-10:00 pm


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