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Fruits Rich in Vitamin C

Since Mike and I both got sick because of the very fickle weather, I decided to stock up on fruits rich in vitamin C. It is a given fact that I love fruits. I think I took after my late Papa who would always have a banana in his every meal. I would generally eat any fruit but I am not really a fan of citrus fruits which, apparently are some of nature’s best source of Vitamin C…at least from what I know.

I did some research to find out some good and natural sources of Vitamin C, particularly fruits. Trust Google to give me the answers.

Top of the fruit list is guava. No wonder my brother and I would rarely get sick when we young. We had a guava tree on our backyard then. I miss it now. I like guavas a lot but when I was buying some fruits in the fruit stand, there weren’t any being sold.

Second fruit in line are kiwis. Now THIS is a fruit that I love. I am even surprised that these furry fruits pack a lot of them good vitamins. I bought some of these because I really am a fan.

Third on the fruit list is…papaya. This also surprised me. Papaya has been my constant companion and buddy during my pregnant days to help me get through with constipation. I didn’t know they are good sources of vitamin C.

Runners-up are oranges and strawberries. I’ve already expressed how I feel about citrus fruits. I guess I have low-tolerance for anything sour. I like strawberries but only when they are really sweet. In Manila, it is hard to find sweet and affordable strawberries. I saw a pack of big, juicy, sweet-smelling strawberries in South Market and it costs about Php300 per pack!

I left the fruit stand with some oranges, kiwis and a couple of our other favorite fruits. Talk about gearing up for the rainy, flu-season. Lucas shared the same preference of fruit with his Mami. It tasted even better with yogurt.

Sarap, Mami!
Green veggies like bell peppers and broccoli are also on the list of foods with high vitamin C. To get the more detailed information about the top 10 foods with highest vitamin C, you may check this website.


3 thoughts on “Fruits Rich in Vitamin C

  1. i was surprised with papaya, too! amongst the list of fruits above, my palate is only familiar with banana and papaya. can’t tolerate citrus fruits as well. i’ve only like strawberry once when I was naglilihi with Lia. now wonder, i always have colds 😦

    1. we really need to eat lots of food with vitamin c. ang hirap ng nagkakasakit. I can’t take care of Lucas now kasi baka mahawaan ko siya. 😦 at least you like papaya 🙂

      1. Love all the fruits you mentioned above. 🙂
        I dunno if it’s just Akira and I, but kiwi makes our tongue itch. Nevertheless, we still love it 🙂

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