Little Jedi

Serious Playing and Other Milestones

Somebody is oblivious that he’s sitting (weight and all) on Mami’s foot.

Why so serious?

It took about five minutes before he stood up. This is what Dr. Vienne calls “serious” playing.

We went to Doc’s clinic for Lucas’ monthly check up. Doc Vienne was very happy to see that he is very active. Malikot is an understatement. Doc said that no doubt, the Little Jedi is not a little boy. She even witnessed Lucas’ “drama” and crocodile tears when we were trying to remove his clothes.

What she also noticed is how easy it is to pacify Lucas. After giving the shot, Doc Vienne gave Lucas a musical toy and he was immediately focused on it. He didn’t even mind Yaya while putting his clothes on him. This is what Doc Vienne called “serious playing”.  It also shows that Lucas can really focus on something now. He spends time studying the toy or the activity. This way he learns fast.

His other milestones include the following:

  • New words! – At-teee (ate), Wuwah (agua), Kookoo (cookie)
  • Shakes head (uh-oh!)
  • Pushes on switches, buttons, knobs (light switch, elevator button, door knob)
  • Picks a book that he wants Mami to read and hands it to Mami
  • Has tantrums (I am not sure if I will consider this a milestone)
  • Tries to eat on his own using his spoon.
  • Drinks agua from his glass…no straws!
  • Knows his routines (taking a bath in the evening, walking Mami to the gate, etc).
  • Has problem solving skills (already!) as validated by Doc Vienne.
  • A hug!!! I finally got a hug! I have been waiting for it since I found out that I was preggers!

Cheers, Lucas! Keep those milestones coming and Mami will keep on blogging. 🙂


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