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My Childhood Love

I was recently reunited with a childhood love. I remember falling in love way back in highschool. We lost contact or rather I lost contact with my love when I started working and got too busy. Every now and then I chance upon some opportunities to hear about my love. Recently, my friends started talking about my love. Bravely, I told my hubby that I want to be reunited with my love and he willingly said that he’ll do everything to make that happen. One night, when I got home from work, hubby was all smiles and I knew he did it. Beaming, he told me, “na-download ko na ang podcast ng The Morning Rush!”. (“I was able to download The Morning Rush’s podcast!”).

Yes. I was, and now still am, a big fan of RX 93.1‘s The Morning Rush. There were only two radio stations that I listen to since way back when. The other one, unfortunately, was axed and was replaced by some crappy radio station (booo!). Yes. I was one of those highschool kids who’d wake up to the Chico and Delamar duo. I remember my classmates and I would turn on the sound system in our classroom just to listen to them in between classes. Yes. I was one of those who believed they were a couple in real life and feel kilig when they seemingly try to flirt with each other. And yes. I am one of those who wish to watch them go on air live. Ironically, I am working in Ortigas and only a couple of buildings away from where the radio station is. But I still can’t visit them.

Their show is still the same with the quirky duo but is also so much different with the presence of a new and equally funny jock, Gino. They sound more relaxed and well, more kikay, which I like. But they still sound just as witty and just as funny.They even speak Filipino more now than before and it just makes the show more entertaining because they sound so genuine. How I feel about the show didn’t change too. I still am a fan. I used to record their shows in a CASSETTE TAPE. Now, we download it. I used to laugh by myself in my room when I listen to them. I still do now…in front of other commuters.

Recently, they celebrated their 16th year anniversary. Gasp. 16 years. That’s how long I’ve been a fan (although there was a period of falling out). That’s how OLD I am. I never thought their show would last this long. I read in Chico Garcia’s post that he thought the end of the show was near when they hit their 15th year. Frankly, I thought so too. But nope. And I pray to the odds that they will hit 16 more years to keep mornings light. I’m not sure if the three DJ’s are aware of it, but really, more than just being a morning fix, they FIX mornings.

Grabbed from Chico Garcia’s blog (oh I hope he won’t mind)

To my childhood love, cheers to you! And it’s good to be reunited with you; this time not only on mornings but anytime of the day.

P.S. This post was supposed to be part of a series of birthday posts for my birthday month (June). Well, better late than never. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Childhood Love

  1. Ate jing, Cj and I are big fan of TMR kikay barkada too! We used to listen to them while we’re on our way to work every morning and even at night (through podcast also, thanks to steve jobs! Diba?!) , glad to know that we’re all certified “Rushers”. Their epic rap is one of our fave, it was so hilarious! Kalerkey! Oh well, magka mag-anak nga tayo, parehas ang type! Haha!

  2. Sis… Kindred spirits pala tayo hehehe. I introduced Chico, Del (and now the Kikay Barkada) to the family, including Mike (your hubby dubby). I remember the times were I would take the funny moments (mostly jokes… kahit corny – Si Del kasi :P) and share it with the family. At least now, 16 years later, may kakampi na ako hahaha.

    1. And by introduce… i turn the radio loud every morning in the house before going to school. I even remember the time na nasad ako dahil nawala sila… yun pala lumipat ng DWKC wala man lang pasabi hahaha

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