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Bad Virus in the House

The whole family’s been suffering from a virus that I think I caught more than two weeks ago. I posted the first signs of that nasty cold here. Unfortunately, Mike caught the same virus. It even got worse when he got rained down during that stormy week. He had to stay home for several days to rest.

The worst part of our battle against the sniffles and fever is when the Little Jedi caught it too. He had fever for three days and started coughing hard afterwards. I was so worried because his cough was so bad he wakes up at night and cries. I guess his throat was itchy and sore at the same time like how we’d feel when we have dry cough. He also lost his appetite. I realized no amount of coaxing will make a child in pain do what you want him to do. You just have to be mom and give him all the possible comfort you can give him. Good thing he still drinks his milk when I read him a book.

Baby Sniffles

Doc Vienne prescribed a medicine via email (don’t you just love her…more!). I guess it makes the patient drowsy bacause on the first night Lucas took it he had a good sleep. He’d still cough but he won’t stay up and cry anymore. Another two days of taking the medicine, lots of water, use of nebulizer and loads of TLC, and Lucas’ cough is fairly looser. He also gained his appetite back.

I am happy to say that the Sniffles Family is about 90% fully recovered. Dadi and Mami are still sniffling and Baby Sniffles is still coughing a little. This is one thing that I do not want us to do or have as a family!

Stay healthy, everyone!


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