Little Jedi

Now That We Have a Toddler…(2)

Life’s a drama.

You name it. He does it.

Real tears.

Crocodile tears.

Tantrum tears.



My boss advised me that when the Little Jedi is having tantrums, we should just ignore him until he calms down. After calming down, that’s when we explain his actions and our reactions or rules. Ignoring his tantrums will make him realize that crying will not get him that toy or allow him to touch electrical sockets or just simply get your attention. Ergo, he will learn not to use crying as a means to get what he wants and ended up being a noisy, spoiled brat. Acknowledging tantrums (whether scolding or coaxing a child), is like adding gasoline to fire. My boss said to just ignore but be cautious not to let the toddler bump his head, involuntarily OR voluntarily.

Another welcome greeting to toddlerhood parenting for me. And the drama begins….


4 thoughts on “Now That We Have a Toddler…(2)

  1. Welcome to toddlerhood, indeed 🙂
    Halos kakatapos lng nmin sa banging of head on the wall drama 🙂 my tot realized na hindi siya effective kaya she does the uod on the floor naman. hehehe

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