Little Jedi

Toys for My Boys (Part One)

Everytime we visit Dr. Saulog’s clinic in St. Luke’s Global, the Little Jedi goes straight to one corner where an educational table is placed. No doubt, it is Lucas’ favorite. It’s comforting to know that the toy gives Lucas a nice experience whenever we visit the clinic. I remember when I used to bring Lucas to his old pedia and we’re surrounded with crying children, patients waiting for hours on chairs and some frantic parents walking around. Good thing Lucas was still an infant then and wouldn’t remember any of those. It was pretty stressful. Anyhoot, back to the toy, I’ve been wanting to give him a similar toy. We don’t buy him lots of toys. I think the last two that we got him were the  ones we gave for his Christmas and birthday presents. Besides, he still has a good inventory of unopened gifts from his birthday last February. But this toy, this table, really makes my Little Jedi happy. I can see how excited he is to go there and how he concentrates so much when he’s playing it.

Wire Maze in Doc Vienne’s clinic
Finally hubby and I saw one but without the table in Greenbelt 5. When we do give him toys, we try not to be stingy. I have to admit it’s a bit pricey but we promised ourselves we’d buy that for him on his 18th monthsary. We used to celebrate a monthly birthday before he turned one. After celebrating his first year, we don’t celebrate it anymore. But now that he’s turning 18 months with his new milestones, we think it’s worth celebrating. I know i’d rather make his toys or let himplay with household items than buy them but this is just special. So when hubby said he wants to buy the toy already, I put my inner Ilocanainto deep sleep and agreed to buy the toy.

As soon as we got into the store, Lucas went straight to the display and started playing. He would not let the toy go! When you see your son that genuinely happy to see the toy, you stop calculating and makes you nod at your husband (to buy the toy). Lucas even cried when he saw the toy being packed away. We had to distract him with another one.

When we got home and opened the box, Lucas was just so excited to see it.

Oooh it’s Dadi’s gift for me!
Take it out of the box, Mami. Please?

Oh and the joy when he started playing with it is priceless! He was literally squealing with joy and kept on flashing that grateful smile to us.

Wide-eyed, curious, and happy little boy

Thank you, Dadi!
Even I like the toy! It’s the Tunnel Mountain by Hape Toys. It’s the same company that made the toy in Doc’s clinic but of a different brand. It’s eco-friendly and safe for babies. It helps toddlers develop fine motor skills and problem solving skills. It promotes dexterity, hand/eye coordination, and manipulation (for fine motor skills) and introduces logic, matching, spatial relationships, critical thinking, and an understanding of cause and effect (for problem-solving skills, as described in the website. I like this better than the one with a table because we can carry it anywhere, from the living room to the bedroom.

Yes, it’s good to spend on wonderful things for your child. We may only do it once or twice a year and I think that makes gifts more special. Of course nothing beats time spent with him. No gift can replace that. 🙂

Thank you, Dadi for buying Lucas his 18th month gift!


5 thoughts on “Toys for My Boys (Part One)

    1. Hi Nina! Thanks for dropping by! We
      Bought at Dash in Greenbelt 5. It’s right beside Mothercare. Yes they have smaller mazes. You can also check Youji and Me. They sell Boikido toys naman and they have smaller activity boxes with mazes. It ranges from Php1500 – Php 4500 depende sa size 🙂

    2. Hi Niña! Thanks for dropping by! We bought it at Dash in Greenbelt 5. It’s beside Mothercare. Yes, they have a smaller wire maze too. You can also go to Youji and Me on the same floor. They sell Boikido toys and they have small activity boxes with wire mazes too. The price range from Php1500-Php4500.

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