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Toys for My Boys (Part Deux)

Here’s the second part of my post. This time it’s a toy for my other boy, Mike.

I’ve posted here my husband’s quirkiness and his dream of buying a soda maker. Time and again he would express wanting to buy it. Time and again, I would disapprove of it. Until I realized that he really wants it. And I want to put a smile on his face as much as I want to see the Little Jedi’s face light up. So when he told me he wants to buy himself one, I said I’m ok with it.

He couldn’t keep his excitement and couldn’t wait for the weekend to come so he can get it. While he was buying it, I was wandering around the mall with my friend and when we saw him again, he was all smiles and giddy as a worm. Sigh. My big boy and his new toy.

I was surprised he did not open it as soon as we got home but waited for the next day to try it. This was the first time that I listened to him about Soda Stream‘s features. It basically makes soda water by fizzing it with CO2. It comes with a Cola syrup that you mix with the soda water.

You know how we are so careful when we are handling a new gadget or any new thing. Tapos we’re so excited we couldn’t hide it? Hehe that’s how Mike was when he was pouring the syrup. When I tasted it, it did taste like…Coke Zero! Wow!

All giddy

Now I got excited. I asked him to fizz another liter. I blended some grapes and poured it in the soda water. It was a better way of drinking fresh grape juice! I wish I peeled the grapes though. The skins made it difficult to drink.

homemade cola
fresh grape soda and cola

There are other available flavors. Each bottle of syrup costs Php 200 and it’s enough to make 12 liters of soda. My husband drinks soda like water. It’s bad, I know…and not to mention costly. So Php 200 per syrup is not so bad. Plus, I can make fruit soda that are far healthier than the average soda pop. We can also put fruit-flavored soda which I love. I miss Fanta and I love Royal Tru Orange.  One of the things that I like about Soda Stream is it also stops us from buying soda on PET bottles making Mike’s drinking frenzy more eco-friendly.

Ok, ok, I have to admit, I love the Soda Stream and I am glad Mike was makulit enough and kept on convincing me to buy one.  Besides, you’ve been doing great things, Dadi. I think you deserve this new toy. 🙂


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