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Meet Mr. Peeg

Hello! My name is Mr. Peeg. I know it is not a very creative name but I kinda like it. I am the first of many finger puppets that Lucas’ Mami will make (or so she says). I saw several balls of yarn in her crafts box so I may still have some brothers and sisters.


Mami Maggie took several days to make me. I hope it will only take her several hours to make my brothers and sisters.

The Little Jedi likes me. Yaya taught him how to put me in his finger. His finger is still too small so sometimes he drops me. But he always puts me back on his own. Sometimes he puts me in his mouth too. I smell like baby saliva.



I think I have grown on him because he even brings me to bed and plays with me before he sleeps.


I can’t wait for him to start talking and give me a voice. Sometimes Mami Maggie or Yaya gives me a voice and makes me speak. But I think I will like the voice that Lucas will give me.

I have to go now because we are going to play again.

Mami’s post: Here’s still practicing to make more puppets faster. 🙂 I want to make a dog and a bear and a chicken. Wish me luck!



3 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Peeg

  1. That’s so cuute, Ate Jing! I miss you and Lucas already, lets set a date pag ok na uli ang weather! Keep safe, regards to Kuya Mike. Hugs and kisses from Ninong Jeb, Cyler and I.

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