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Why is Yakult Served in Small Bottles?

Did you know that Yakult has different flavors? I didn’t. Not until I saw my friend’s Facebook page and them. Boy, was I excited! I love Yakult and so does the Little Jedi. There’s a downside, though. It’s not sold here in the Philippines. The one my friend had was bought in Singapore. (Mars, did you see some in SG?) Good thing another friend went there and when asked if there’s anything I want from SG, well if course the answer’s Yakult.

It came in a pack of 5 with 2 original flavors, 1 grape, 1 orange and 1 apple. The pack also included small straws. I also noticed that the bottles were bigger than the ones sold here. I bet my friend, who’s been looking for a 1 litre Yakult, is happy.


The Little Jedi enjoyed the apple and orange flavors. He took the Yakult bottle away from me!



So why do we love Yakult? More than just the the taste, we can benefit a lot from it. Yakult, like yogurt, has good bacteria in it. It helps in regulation of bowel habits and constipation, modulate the immune system and has an effect in gastrointestinal infections. Lucas’ first encounter with Yakult was when he had amoebiasis. Doc Vienne recommended for him to drink 1 bottle for 1 day. Now, he finishes off one bottle in one sitting.

Yakult is classified as fermented milk of the Codex standard. It has 18g of sugar per 100grams. Now this is considered high sugar content as compared to Coke which has only 10g per 100 grams. This is the reason why Yakult is served in small, 65ml bottles. And THAT is why we should only drink 1 bottle a day. (An AHA moment?) Yakult’s health benefits always outweigh its “unhealthy” ingredients.

So, don’t we love this childhood yummy treat? I do. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Why is Yakult Served in Small Bottles?

  1. Aha… =) That’s why! Thanks for this info as my little girl would always always beg for a second bottle!

    1. Hi Mommy! I used to ask for another bottle and now the little boy seems to ask for another one. 🙂 Better make sure we give one bottle a day otherwise it defeats the purpose the this yummy, healthy drink. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Thanks for sharing maggie. Another lesson learned! I Have always been questioning why there aren’t big bottles of Yakult. So overindulgence pa rin talaga is a no-no and there’s a reason for everything 🙂

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