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Simple Joys

These past two days have been really depressing for me because of the non-stop rain and all the flooding. We were not affected by the widespead flood. We are blessed and grateful to be living in an area where it doesn’t flood. Even living on the fifth floor of a building had more value to me now.

All the rain and news about other Filipinos losing their houses, children, even babies, staying in evacuation centers, men and women desperately fighting over the littlest food they could get from relief goods made my heart sank to the lowest possible part of my body. So seeing the change in the weather made me appreciate so many things that I wouldn’t normally appreciate.

I can’t believe seeing the sky clear up could put an unselfish smile on my face. I’d normally pray for the sun so I can enjoy the day. Now I just knew that clear skies would mean hope to so many that they could finally go home again.

I can’t believe seeing the roads dry could make me so happy. Oh I just had to take a picture of it. Drier streets mean drier roads mean easier transport of help to those who need it.

I never thought the urge to help would be this passionate. I need to. I have to. I must.

I never thought feeling sweat on my forehead while walking home tonight would be so significant. It means that there won’t be any rain tonight. Do not get me wrong. I still want rain to visit us. Just not right now.

And most of all I am more and more grateful that my family is safe, the Little Jedi oblivious to all the chaos outside his little kingdom that we call home. To the Almighty, thank You, thank You, thank You.

For us who are safe and sound, let us help those who need it. In every possible way. I’d like to think that we were ‘spared’ because we are the hope that they are praying for. There are a lot of ways to help. Every cent, cloth, food, word, prayer can go a long way.


4 thoughts on “Simple Joys

  1. Oh, Maggie! I’m having almost the same thought as yours. I just couldn’t find the right words and just don’t know where to start.
    Motherhood changes us. Simple things like those you mentioned above really breaks a mother’s heart, diba? Anyway, you are correct. It’s time to pay it forward.
    Stay safe and dry!

    1. Alam mo, Em, being a mom exactly made me feel that way. I wasn’t this affected before. But now, seeing homeless children really breaks my heart. How are you and the family, by the way?

      1. Ako din, I wasn’t that affected before. Pero now that I have a kid, it breaks my heart to see those kids na nagkakasakit, nauulanan and hindi makakain ng ayos. Wish we had Christian Grey’s money (and Charlie Tango) to help them out, no?
        Ok naman kami, thank you for asking. Buti nlng I trusted my guts to do some groceries a day before or else wla kming kakainin.

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