MomME Time

Mom-Me Time

Me time. This is something that all moms should have. I intended to write about my me-times way back in January when I had my hair straightened. It has a mind of its own, you see. But I guess I was too preoccupied with my Little Jedi who’s growing up so fast before his Mami’s eyes.

So why have a Me Time? Do I not love being a mom and a wife and a corporate trainer? Oh, I love to be in those roles. When I am doing those, that’s when I am in my element. But every now and then, a mom needs a breather. Those roles aren’t easy and can be tiring. No matter how much you love chocolate, if you eat too much, you’ll grow tired of it. I love to be in those roles so much that I do not want to grow tired of them. So I need to take a break. That’s my first reason.

Secondly, I still am a girl with girly wants. I like going out with friends with my hubby and son. But there’s nothing like a nice girl-bonding moment. Either I couldn’t catch up with my girl friends or poor hubby can’t.

I’ve listed down how I spend my Me Time, or what I would like to call Mom-Me Time:

1. Blogging. This has got to be the first on my list.

2. Cooking. Ok. I know this sounds cheating because this still is a mommy/wifey role. But it’s true. My recently- developed skill relaxes me. I didn’t know cutting up vegetables and discoveries new dishes can be such a catharsis. That’s coming from someone who has a hate-hate relationship with cooking oil three years ago.

3. Baking pops. Same as cooking, I love making cake pops. It’s easy and brings out my creative juices.

4. Shopping. C’mon. I just said I’m still a girl, didn’t I? I’ll share with you my shopping secrets soon. How I get good purchases for affordable prices and where.

5. Visiting Saizen in Galleria. Explanation in number 4.

6. Getting pampered. That could mean getting my nails done or a massage or a facial. It feels nice to feel that you look nice. Hehe.

7. Reading. I’ve always been a reader. I’d read novels, business books, magazines, internet articles, heck I would even advertorials! Recently I learned how to appreciate reading ebooks, thanks to Ms. E. L. James.

But you know something? At the end of the day, the best Mom-Me Time is still cuddling with my Little Jedi.

What about you? What is your Mom-Me time?


8 thoughts on “Mom-Me Time

    1. Gusto ko rin magyoga (kasi ang taba ko pa rin!) at may nagiinvite din sa akin sa toastmasters! Parang bet ko rin maging domestic diva ah. Hehehe. Dew free ka sa 27th?

  1. my favorite me time is blog hopping, particularly, mommy blog hopping. mom-related pa rin.
    and yeah, thebest stress buster is hugging our favorite stressor.

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