Little Jedi

AHA moments with Lucas: Toddler Milestones

Huwaaat a week! I can’t believe it’s already mid-August. We’re almost on the -ber months again. Hoo boy. I have to start writing my Christmas gift list (not wishlist) or else I will start cramming towards December…like I’ve been doing for the past three years hehe.

Anyhoo, we visited Doc Vienne a week ago for the Little Jedi’s monthly check-up. We were there a week before because Lucas had a really high fever that drove me nuts and drove us to the doctor. It looks like new teeth were the culprit. True enough, days after, 2 new teeth were sprouting from his gums.

A trip to the Doctor’s clinic for the monthly check up is like a day in school for me. I learn so much from Doc Vienne. So two Saturdays ago, I’ve prepared my list of Lucas’ milestones, my questions and worries. When we were in the elevator, I was only holding Lucas’ hand. The elevator was pretty spacious and I’m happy to see that despite the strangers towering him, the Little Jedi did not cry as he would do a couple of months ago.

When we got off the elevator, Lucas let go of my hand and walked/ran ahead of me. I did not stop and just kept a close distance from him so I can run after him if he makes a wrong turn or would enter a different doctor’s clinic. To my and Yaya’s surprise, he turned on the right corners (there were two) and went inside the right door and to his favorite toy.

Even Doc Vienne was surprised when I told her about it during the check up. His memory is developing well. Unfortunately, he also remembered that whenever we start removing his clothes for the check up, a few minutes later he will get a shot so he started crying. Mr. Best Dramatic Actor showed his award-winning skills to Doc Vienne. A few seconds after the shot, his tear-streaked face was distracted by the toys around Doc’s clinic. May future yata ang anak ko. Haha!

Lucas now prefers only one book to be read to him: The Cat in The Hat. An alternative is Sr. Seuss’ ABC. Oh and he only wants ME to read it to him. Can you feel my grin? Heehee. But there are times when I can’t read to him and he’d channel Mr. Best Dramatic Actor again. So I followed Maqui’s advice to record my voice while reading the book. Yaya or Dadi can now “read” the book to him by just playing the recording. One time, we saw him reading the book alone.

Reading alone in his room

Mami reaaad

Lucas says some interesting words now, also. He says “apuu” for airplane. He says “nom nom nom” when he likes what he is eating. And FINALLY I heard him say “Mama” for the first time! He learned to say “Dada” first.

Every time Lucas gets really sick, he somehow loses his taste for milk. When he had Roseola earlier this year, his milk intake was cut down to half. Good thing he like yogurt so that’s another source of calcium for him. When he got sick again just recently, he wouldn’t drink milk again. Dadi suspects that Lucas might be going through milk fatigue. He did lose a little weight because of this. Doc Vienne said that we can actually give him other alternatives such as yogurt, yogurt milk, fresh milk, even soy milk. So I got him a couple of Dutch Mill and Nestle yogurt milk. Great news for us because he likes both. I haven’t tried giving him soy milk yet because he started drinking his regular milk again.

My biggest worry is still his speech but Doc Vienne told me not to because it is still normal. Some babies do speak late but it should not be a cause of anxiety especially that Lucas still communicates with us. She did say that his dexterity and memory is very good.

I’m just happy that my Little Jedi is well and happy and healthy.


4 thoughts on “AHA moments with Lucas: Toddler Milestones

  1. Dont worry sis! You have Dr Vienne! All good in the hood! Hehe. I miss her 🙂 naku si soph, sa school nung doctor ang topic ginaya daw si dr vienne hehehe

    Btw, yogurt milk worked for Soph! As in! Try mo pag ayaw nya magnmilk. That and yakult.

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