Little Jedi

Long Weekend Staycation

Aaah. Long weekend. For working parents who spend 40 hours at work, a
2-day weekend is a non-negotiable, a 3-day weekend is a luxury, and a 4-day weekend is a celebration. So last weekend was really a celebration (unfortunately tainted by some sad news about Sec. Robledo’s plane ride crashing). The weather was great and I bet a lot of people went out of town to celebrate the weekend. The best celebration for us is going to my Mama’s house.
I have set aside traveling since I got married because: 1. Husband hates traveling and 2. Well, it’s not fun traveling without my family. Since then, we opted visiting my Mama in Cavite to spend long weekends. Cable TV, internet, great food, time with the Little Jedi and a wide running space for him. That’s rest and relaxation spelled for us.
Thanks to my momnesia I can’t remember the last time we were there…or maybe I’m too lazy to remember. Hehe. So what did we do over the weekend? Just that 🙂 Eat, sleep and play.
One thing I like about being there is I get to buy taho for Lucas and me. It’s been a while since we had taho. Here’s Mr. Enthusiastic eating taho.

What is “nganga”?



I had time to make cakepops too. Inspired by a rock n’ roll theme, I made red velvet pops with black coating. I also made some chick pops :). My sister liked them so much she asked me to leave most with her. Of the 20 pops I made, we brought home 4. Hehe

Red velvet cakepops with dark chocolate coating and black candy sprinkles. Rock on!
Here’s a “tweeter”
Mama has her walking buddy back. But this time, it looks more like a running buddy. Lucas also found out he likes walking on gravel and discovered how the gate works.




Oh it was all about fun for Lucas at Mama’s. It’s just like the last time we were there (again I can’t remember when was that. May?).

Mama and the Little Jedi Master
These shoes are made for walking
There’s nothing like a lazy staycation to celebrate holidays. It’s another long weekend this week but it’s going to be busy being I am starting a weekend-long cleaning.


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