Little Jedi

Now That We Have a Toddler (4)

Life is kulayful! (colorful)

Now before I talk about Lucas painting the town red, and orange, and blue today, I’d like to talk about, what I feel, is his really good psycho motor skills.

When I bought the crayons and let him doodle with it, the first attempt was an epic fail. A couple of weeks after, I brought it out again with the hope that he’d be interested playing with it. He did not doodle. Instead we observed him put each crayon one by one in the box. At first he couldn’t fit all properly. Some crayons would be sticking out. This is what he did: he took out the crayons that were sticking out, let the other crayons roll inside the box so there will be enough space, and put the other crayons again. Ta-daaa! He fit all the crayons perfectly in the box! I was really surprised he figured it out so fast! If I could only upload the video, you would hear my surprised voice asking hubby if Lucas really fit all the crayons in.

From then on, that was his game. He’d pour out all the crayons and put them back in one by one. Now, I am happy that he is practicing and showing dexterity with this game, but I still want him to doodle. I want him to be like Ate Akira who’s so fond of doodling.

I got my wish. He started “writing” on his art book. Oh joy!

I also got how Em felt with crayons all over.

On the floor
Even Lucasaurus was not spared

Right now, I’m still amused. But I think when Lucas starts doing some serious doodling everywhere, I’ll be cradling in a different emotion. Hehe. Easy on the crayons, Little Jedi. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Now That We Have a Toddler (4)

  1. Cute! I love when they start doing new things like this. You could try having him only color while sitting at the table in a booster seat (or highchair, if that’s what he sits in). I kept GIANT messes at bay with my older son this way. πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Valerie! I’ve tried that. πŸ™‚ His highchair desk still bears, er, marks of his doodles. Still amusing, though. LOL.

      Thanks for the advise! πŸ™‚

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