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Growing Up with Binkies

Do you know Linus of The Peanuts? He’s the boy who always has his blankie with him. Well, meet Lucas. The little boy who always has his blankie when he’s home.

His love for his blankie started way back when he was around four or five months old and I think I am to blame. I would give him his lampin to hold on to keep him from being fuzzy. Soon enough, he does not like to hold on to his lampin anymore and started hugging his blanket.

manong driver

Now, he brings it everywhere when he’s home. He brings it out with him when he wakes up, while playing, after taking a bath, while playing, sometimes even when he is eating.

Good thing we have three. We’d alternately give one to him so we can wash the other. He just wants to carry it around and could not sleep without it. Sometimes, when he’s sleepy, he will just grab his blankie, go to the room and sleep.

You must have also noticed that Lucas always has a pacifier. It is also his binky, just like his blankie. These two are what keeps him calm when he’s all fussy. He does not have them when we are going out but once we get home, he’d grab his binkies.

I asked Doc Vienne if we should start weaning him from his pacifier. She said it is still ok. It does not affect the growth of his teeth nor his speech as old wives’ tale would say. We could start weaning him from it by 2 years old. She also said that toddlers are easier to wean from pacifiers and other binkies than thumb sucking.

As for his blankie, as long as it is clean, there’s nothing to worry. Sometimes, I find it cute when he wakes up and walks out of the room with his blankie. It does help us put him to sleep and keeps him calm until now.

Does your child have a binky? Care to share? I’d be interested to know what and how you feel about them? 🙂

We will help Lucas give up the pacifier when he’s two.


10 thoughts on “Growing Up with Binkies

  1. Mas madali nga i-wean ang pacifier from thumb sucking. I have a friend whose girls are 5 and 6yo at hanggang ngayon nagthu-thumb suck pa 🙂
    Ang cute ng blankie ha! lalo na the fact that it helps Lucas sleep at night.
    Akira doesn’t have a binky or a blankie but she has Tita Cat. Imagine our horror nung muntik na siyang mawala. Wala pa naman mabibilan na toy na ganun.

    1. There was one time na nalabhan all three blankets at the same time, Em. He was tossing and turning talaga. Sobrang awa ni yaya kahit mejo malamig pa yung blankie nya binigay na rin. Cuuute si Tita Cat. Hehe. Im sure cherished yan ni Akira paglaki 🙂

  2. Napaisip ako sa thumb sucking, I think that’s one of our biggest challenge with Cyler. Doc Vienne also told us that we should start weaning him from thumbsucking by the age of two. Waaaa! I remember myself when I was a little, 6yrs old nako nag stop mag thumbsuck! O-M-G! Goodluck talaga samin! 🙂

    Btw, ate jing memorize na ni Cyler ang alphabet!!!!!! Ipa-panood mo na kay Lucas ung brainy baby!!! 🙂

    1. That i will Sha. Thanks! Try distracting Cyler whenever he starts sucking hos thumb. I saw some tips from
      Baby Center too. You might want to check it out 🙂

      1. That’s what I’m doing right now, kaso pag natutulog sya dun sya tlga malakas mag thumb suck. Pero keri yan! We will wean him from thumbsucking… so help me God! Aja!

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