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Phantom of the Opera

Weeks ago my friend and I got ourselves tickets to the Phantom of the Opera. I knew about this as early as March and told myself that would be a wonderful birthday gift for myself. When I saw the ticke prices, I started doubting if it’s worth it. To bluntly put it, the tickets were not cheap. But then again, it was The Phantom of the Opera. I’ve seen and loved the movie. So my friend and I decided to watch it.


We were in CCP an hour early. I was wondering if there will be a full house. When people started going inside the theater I saw that there were a couple of seats that are still empty. Five minutes later, it was a different view. The theater did have a full house.

Here are some words to describe the show: Amazing. Spectacular. Exciting. Moving. Breathtakingly enticing. I can’t remember being so moved to the verge of tears by a live act. Goosebumps never left my skin especially every time they play the infamous Phantom’s theme. I couldn’t help clapping so hard on every song they sang.

Ooh where should I start? I want to give the show the best description but I can’t seem to put them to words. Maybe i’ll start with the characters.

Christine, one if the lead characters, lived up the role of having a voice of an angel. If you have seen the movie, you would know that there is a part where she sang a really high note. This was in the Phantom’s labyrinth. I was holding my breath as she hits the note. She nailed it and every other song she sang in the show.

Raoul, another lead character, was the gallant ‘prince’ in the love story. I feel bad that Christine chose him but the actor portrayed the part very well. He sang All I Ask of You in the loving, reassuring way it should be sang.

And the Phantom. Oh the Phantom. He’s scary, and mysterious, and loving, and greedy, and generous, and evil, and good, and vengeful, and forgiving. He brought me and my friend to tears. The actor really breathed life to the Phantom. I was drawn by the character. Suffice to say, the title lead did not disappoint. He was great! I couldn’t help standing up when he came in front during curtain call.

What made the show more impressive is the production. Falling chandeliers, turning the stage to a labyrinth with green lake and mist, fireworks, and booming music from the orchestra really set the emotion of the audience. Spectacular.

Andrew Lloyd Weber’s music is like no other. He gave each character the music that will all make them shine. Christine’s part in the Phantom of the Opera theme, The Phantom’s Music of the Night, Raoul in All I Ask of You and the cast’s Masquerade and all other songs made the whole show unforgettable.

Words will never be enough to describe the experience of watching the show. I was sad and happy when it ended. The cast received a standing ovation from the audience as they should. And I won’t be surprised if they got one every night.

The Phantom of the Opera will have extended shows until the 22nd. If you are a fan of the story, the music, or by theatrical arts, I highly recommend this show. A.MA.ZING.




P.S. I hope they show Wicked here next year!


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