Going Organic with Ygo’s Organics

Secretly, I’ve always wanted to give Lucas organic food for a number of reasons. First on the list is of course giving Lucas the healthiest, safest food. Another reason is so I can support farmers of organic produce. But I agree with my husband when he said he didn’t get the point of promoting healthy, organic food if it is sooo expensive. You have no idea how I drool over organic produce and other products in Rustan’s and Healthy Options. I was able to give Lucas organic cereal as his first solid food. But I only bought two boxes then started giving him veggies and fruits. Again, I wanted to give him organic fruits and veggies but still I find it expensive. Part of me is ok with it but another part of me (my subconscious/superego) is scolding me for not giving him the best food. These are the “am I a bad mom?” moments.

Last month I bought Lucas organic cookies from Healthy Options. Right about the same time I bought his toothpaste. He loved it. But it was a bit expensive for my personal budget. And there they go arguing in my mind again: Half-Ilocana vs. Superego Mom.

So when my cousin-in-law, Sha, wrote and told me about an online shop that sells the same organic baby products for a much affordable price I checked it out immediately.

I visited Ygo’s Organics’ Facebook page I was pleasantly surprised that they sell the products that I like. That includes Lucas’ favorite cookies. What’s better is that the prices are much more affordable. It is about 30% to 50% more affordable. Just to give you an idea, the cookies are sold for Php250 in the market. Ygo’s Organics sell it for Php160. Not bad, right? I was so happy with the prices that I bought four items for roughly about Php600. That’s about two weeks worth of healthy snacks for Lucas. If I will buy with the same amount in a conmercial store, I’ll probably just get two of the items. So that’s a big nod from the Half-Ilocana.


Since they are organic, and two are Earth’s Best products, they definitely are healthy for the bebe. So there’s the thumbs up from my Superego/subconscious.



Ordering is very easy. Just send them an email or FB message or even Twitter and place the order. They will answer immediately and confirm if the products are available. You can pay the purchases via BDO deposit and you will receive the products in about 2 days.

Thanks to Sha for sharing and Ygo’s Organics for satisfying both Half-Ilocana and Superego mom in me and satisfying my Little Jedi’s snack cravings.



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