Little Jedi

How Do Toddlers Love?

I read in a book that children are programmed to love and I quite agree.

The best part of being a working mom is coming home to a smiling, pajama-clad toddler as he runs to me and give me a semi-hug. Semi hugkasi he’s torned between hugging me and grabbing the book he wants me to read.

Now, I got the sniffles (again) over the weekend and I do not want to give the virus to the Little Jedi nor hubby so I decided not to hug or even carry him until i’m well. I don’t want to experience having a virus jump from one person to another again. It broke my heart to see Lucas run towards me then cry because I can’t carry him. He’s more expressive now and shows his frustration more. But what can I do but leave him with his dad?

I also decided not to sleep with them. Hubby told me Lucas was tossing and turning on both nights I didn’t sleep with them. Could he be feeling that Mami isn’t there beside him? Because when I finally slept with them, he was sleeping like an infant the whole night.

Today, he was still asleep when I left in the morning and was already sleeping when I got home. I kissed him and he momentarily opened his eyes. After I changed my clothes, he was up, running towards me and gave me his usual “yay, you’re home” greeting. So I carried him and lulled him back to sleep. I melted when he clung to my neck tightly as I swayed him in my arms.

Yes, I guess babies and young children are programmed to love. And the way they show it may not be as vocal, and clear,and intentional but it is a precious, precious act. Babies and young children express love in the sincerest and cutest ways. They don’t overthink it. They just do what they feel so it’s the purest way of showing love. Don’t you think so?

Thank you, Lucas, for showing Mami how much you love her.


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