Little Jedi

Cousins’ First Playdate

Meet Cyler.

Cyler and my cousin

He’s Lucas cousin, twice removed. Sige, let’s make it simpler: he’s Lucas’ second cousin. He’s four months younger than the Little Jedi. He is also Lucas’ kinakapatid because my cousin is his Ninong (godfather). My cousin’s wife, Sha also writes about her momventures. I also convinced her to get Doc Vienne as Cyler’s pedia.

Kikay Mommy Sha

When I found out Sha was pregnant with a baby boy, I was excited. I wanted Lucas to have a cousin-playmate. His only cousin is a cute little girl who is 2 years older. But you know how it is with children. An age difference of two years is like six-years for them.

The first time the two met was, I think, on Lucas’ birthday party. Since it was a party, they did not have the chance to play. I’ve also mentioned in my previous post that I want our family tradition continued to the next generation. That’s why I’ve been wanting for the cousins to have a playdate. We’ve been planning for this ever since the boys learned how to sit.Finally, two weeks ago the long-overdue playdate pushed through.

First time the cousins meet

Since Cyler also see Doc Vienne in Global City, he also plays with the wire maze in her clinic. So when he saw Lucas’, he went there to play with it. The cousins still played individually at first. Maybe because they are both first born and doesn’t play with much children their age. I thought “oh no, baka hindi sanay si Lucas na makipaglaro sa ibang bata” (Lucas may not be used to playing with another kid). Questions of whether I should already have another baby swiftly passed through my mind (OA, i know). Eventually, they played together. Whew.

It’s cute how both kids liked to do the same things: read books, play basketball, and swim.

Fashion segue: Look at Lucas bath poncho. So cuuute right? Got it from Mothercare. One of the irresistible items they have. What can I say? I just a mom who wants fashown for her son. Heehee.

After swimming they fell asleep at the same time. While the two were sleeping, us parents made some cakepops and watched a movie, like ordinary parents do. I’m happy to talk to Sha about our momventures. We even shared kikay tips to one another.

When the two woke up, playtime continued. They even watched Jeopardy together. How cute is that?

It was a fun, fun, fun day for us, especially the two tots. I can’t help but smile seeing the two playing and swimming together. I hope this is a glimpse of the friendship I’m hoping they would have. That day was the first of many playdates for Cyler and Lucas. See you soon, Cousin Cyler!


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