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How to Host a Playdate

I got inspired hosting Lucas and Cyler’s playdate and I’m sharing how to host one.

  1. Plan the kiddie activities. Most of the time, the kids will just be playing with toys. To make the playdate more memorable, plan one activity for all the children. This could be a physical activity (swimming, playing an outdoor game, planting), a creative activity (making home-made dough, painting, coloring, making crafts) or a cooking activity (baking, cake decorating). Make the activities be an opportunity for children to learn something new (teach them how to share, bring their plates to the kitchen, put the toys away, etc). Be creative. Kids love to do something different. Include a rest-time, cool-down or sleeping-time for the children in your plan too.
  2. Plan parents’ activities. Playdates are not only for kids. It’s for parents as well. Prepare an activity for the parents while the kids are resting or cooling down. Mommies can share cooking tips together, bake, or cook food together for the kids. Prepare a nice activity for Daddies too. It’s difficult to go wrong with a good movie or a Pacquiao fight.
  3. Plan the children’s food. It might be a good idea to ask the children’s favorite food. Sometimes, when children are in an unfamiliar place, they don’t eat. Preparing their favorite sandwich or chicken dish will encourage them to eat. They will also feel more comfortable in the household. Ask the parents also if the children are allergic on certain food so you won’t make the mistake of serving them.
  4. Prepare ahead of time. Playdates are still events. And like any event, it can either elicit a good experience or a bad experience not only to your guests, but to you as well. Prepare the materials needed for your activities, the paper plates or cups, or ingredients for the meals. Oh and don’t forget to charge your camera! Every playdate should be documented!
  5. Don’t fret. Enjoy the day. Don’t get all fussy over spilled juice, tantrums or cluttered toys. That’s what playdate is all about. Focus on how much the children are enjoying themselves together and cherish their laughter. Start the day with a welcoming smile and end it with a warm send-off smile as well.

I hope these five tips will help you host a fun playdate. Enjoy!!


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