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Books Saved the Day

I am not a big fan of Mondays. I and possibly hundreds of thousands of other mommies, who’d rather stay at home and watch over their kids, do not like Mondays. I and possibly hundreds of thousands of other employees and students, who feel that the weekend is just too darn short, do not like Mondays. Monday mornings have never been the best time of the week for me. Suffice to say, I only like Mondays when a holiday falls on that day.

But every now and then Mondays make up for all my disappointing mornings (or so I think). This week was a good example. When I got to work last Monday, I went straight to the cafeteria and this was what I saw:

A book fair! And I love books! I spend hours in Booksale, Powerbooks and other bookstores. Mrs. Bookworm was back and hyperventilating with excitement. In an instant, my Monday mood was replaced by a Friday aura that stayed for the rest of the day. There is nothing, absolutely nothing like opening a new book, smelling that new-book scent as you slowly turn each crisp page. That, for me, is luxury in its simplest form.

Our company invited Powerbooks to hold a book fair for three days. A book fair with them is a common event in the company but this year, Powerbooks outdid the previous years. There were a lot more books now than before. More books = happier Maggie.

From business, to fiction, to the latest novels and best-sellers, they packed the area with great reads. They even had book sets that are perfect as gifts or collection. The set up even made me feel like I was in Powerbooks except for a view of the cafeteria.

I was immediately drawn by the children’s books neatly stacked on the floor and on one table.

For three days, the book fair was packed with equally enthusiastic employees enjoying great finds. Powerbooks even took the employees’ book requests and tried their best to deliver them. I got my first set of requested books on the first day. They were not able to bring the second set because they are still scouting their branches for available stocks. Medyo mahirap yung request ko eh. Two of the books are hard-to-find. The coordinator did say that she will still try her best to find the books and other employees’ requests.

The books are payable in cash, credit card, and salary deduction spread within two pay periods. They even gave discounts on the books. Isn’t that great? No wonder every floor I went on those days, I saw employees carrying bags and bags of books!

As a corporate trainer, I am so happy to know that a lot of employees are into reading. It’s one habit that I fully support. Personally, reading a good book is one of my all-time favorite pastime.

So what exactly did I buy?

Number 1 and number 2 books on the Top 100 Children’s Books of All-Time for the Little Jedi. These glued a big smile on my face on the first day of the fair. I couldn’t find these books in Booksale. So even if those were a little more expensive that what I would have gotten those in Booksale, I still bought it. I like The Giving Tree. I’ll write about it soon.

I also got a creepy best-seller, a book from my favorite author, Milan Kundera, and a baking book.

I do hope they find the three other books that I requested. And I hope we’ll have another book fair in December. I’m parking the TV remote and my phone when Lucas is asleep. It’s time to catch up on my reading.


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