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Easy-Breezy Book Cover

Since I got myself new books this week, (and hoping to get some more) that only means I have a lot of book covering to do.

Any book lover and bookworm will always have their books covered with plastic for protection. The biggest mystery to me is seeing some books from other people covered so tight and with no wrinkles! It’s like the book was dipped in molten plastic. Have you seen book covers like this?

When I saw my colleague’s book covered this way, I couldn’t help but ask how she did it. Then I heard the most ingenious solution: acrylic sticker vinyl sticker! She said she’s been using this since college. Sheesh, I didn’t even know it existed. Boo.

So I asked my friend to buy me a pack since she was also buying some for her new books.


Putting the sticker on is a little tricky.
1. Measure the sticker to see if there will be excess sticker.
2. Peel off a small part of the sticker and stick it on the edge of the book. Fold any excess on the edge of the book.

2. Push the rest of the acrylic (here I go again) vinyl sticker around the book using any hard, flat tool. Don’t use your fingers only. The tricky part in using a sticker is that bubbles might form if it is not flattened well. Segue: I was looking for a ruler but I couldn’t find one so I used the back of my comb instead.

3. Fold any excess on the edges and you’re done!


Ready for years of coverig books when Lucas and my future children start going to school!


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