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One Happy Sunday Play Date

Caution: This post is photo-heavy. 🙂

One of the best things about blogging is meeting other mom bloggers virtually. What’s better is meeting them and their children personally.

The much awaited and long- (really long) overdue play date of the mommies behind Akira and Everything Nice, Momster Teacher, and Planet Marsy and our children finally happened! Unfortunately, the Familia Kiki had to cancel because Kuya Aki was not feeling well that day. It was good to know, though that they had a good weekend also. I finally had the words to share about it after week no thanks to my writer’s block and beezee schedule. 🙂

I was really excited for this play date because we rarely go on one. We’ve had a playdate with Maqui and Aki, and Lucas’ cousin Cyler, and that’s it. I was even worried when it almost did not push through because Lia just got out of the hospital and both Em and Akira were also sick that week. In fact, by Friday night, I’ve surrendered to believing that we won’t have the play date anymore. But, but, but, living up as true women that we are (a.k.a. pabago-bago ang isip), we decided to go ahead with it. So Sunday afternoon, right after lunch, an excited Mami, a fully charged Little Jedi and a camera-less Dadi (boo) went to Festival Mall to meet the South-based mommy bloggers.

It’s amusing how we know so much about each other like old friends because we are frequent readers of each others’ blogs. Us, moms, did not run out of stories to tell, questions to ask, and experiences to share (from pregnancy, to raising our children). It was also great to see our children having fun together, sharing gifts, food and something in common: being entertained by technology.

Meet the kids…

Grabbed from Em’s FB page.
Grabbed from Em’s FB page.
Grabbed from Em’s FB page.
Grabbed from Em’s FB page.

..and the lovely mommies. Aren’t my mommy friends gorgeous? Next time I’ll wear my highest heels to catch up with their height!

L-R: Akira with Em, Mars with Lia, me with Lucas, Dew with Raviv
Grabbed from Em’s FB page.

Where are the Daddies? Daddies Mike, Gerry and Khan are all busy taking pictures and Daddy Randy was working. 🙂

Here are the kids enjoying the rides.

Why was Lucas on a chicken? Because the last time he rode a carousel, he didn’t like the moving horse. But on that day, it seems that he wanted to ride on one. Feeling ko nainggit kay Lia. Hehe.
Em, Akira and Tita Cat (look closely) on the ferris wheel.
Grabbed from Em’s FB page.
Grabbed from Em’s FB page.
Train ride for everyone including a sleeping (not sleepy) Lucas.

Here they are enjoying gifts.

Ate Akira gave everyone toy balls.

Thank you Ate Akira for the colorful balls! Everyone loved it!
We made them cakepops of their favorite animals.

Bibis for Lia, toitois for Raviv, and Tita Cats for Akira. Aki had uod cakepops too but we weren’t able to give it to him 😦
Enjoying the cakepops. Sugar rush!
Dew gave all of us the yummiest, moistest chocolate cake!

Finally, here they are cooling down and playing with their moms’ phones and tablets.

I realized how active little boys are. Lia and Akira fell asleep first. Lucas was trying his best to fight his sleepiness but eventually gave in. The winner is Raviv who made it through the whole play date awake and active!

Grabbed from Em’s FB page.

We couldn’t help but plan for the next play date hopefully with other mommies too. We’re planning for a Halloween and Christmas play dates and guess what, Daddies are planning for something grand too! Haha! In fact level up ang na-plan nila! I do hope it will push through!

It was a great day for Lucas and me. It’s wonderful to meet the mommies who inspire me to share my motherhood experiences while documenting my son’s everyday milestones. It was also great to see our children playing together. It’s also amazing and amusing to see Daddies having, well-Daddy talks. Hehe.

Until next time, mommies and babies!

P.S. Special thanks to Khan for taking these creatively brilliant shots of our children and to Em, of course for allowing me to grab some of them!

P.S.S. I just realized that there’s a Fun Ranch in Alabang. Next time I’ll suggest to have the South play date there. 🙂


13 thoughts on “One Happy Sunday Play Date

    1. Sina mars nagyayaya sa canyon ranch (their village) sa carmona. Pwede rin dun hehe. Ako rin gusto ko ng halloween playdate!

      Nagmamadali daw kasi kaya walang cam. Aysos. Pwes, chagain ang telepono. Kamote

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